How to fix laptop battery charger error

How to fix laptop battery charger error

How to fix laptop battery charger error effectively, quickly, the first step you need to find the cause of this error. Along refer to the cause and how to handle laptop battery charger does not enter the electricity below.

Error charging laptop battery not into electricity There are usually two main causes: a damaged battery or charger or a driver problem. Taimienphi will guide you how to check and handle the basics before you take the device to a service center or a repair shop if troubleshooting laptop battery charger fails to fail.

Summary of how to fix a laptop battery charger not charging problem

1. Plug in the charger again

Error charging the laptop battery is not charging due to the charging port

The first thing you need to do is to check the connection between the power cord and the power outlet, the power cord and the adapter, the adapter and the computer’s charging port. You can also use an electric tester to check the power or plug it into another outlet to try it out.
2. Check the battery
laptop battery not in

Error charging the laptop battery is not connected to the battery

When checking the power source is normal, continue to find the cause in the battery or in the machine. You proceed to remove the battery and plug the power directly into the computer to try again. If the device works normally, then your battery is likely to have a problem. To be sure, you bring the battery to another equivalent device to check.
Note: Turn off all applications, turn off the device completely before removing the battery.
3. Check the charger cord
laptop battery not in

Error charging the laptop battery is not connected to the power due to the charger cord

This is a common phenomenon when the charger cord is broken underground so the battery cannot be charged. You can check the senses with the naked eye or use specialized equipment such as charging cords.
4. Check the charging slot
laptop battery not in

Laptop battery charger may not enter due to the charging slot

You need to check the charging slot, if the color or smell unusual, you should take it to repair at a reputable computer store or service center. Because this is a part that is directly connected to the computer mainboard, the repair will be more complicated and cost more.
5. Check the software on the device.
laptop battery not in
To manage computer power, Windows has provided a lot of options for users to customize the power mode for their computer. For example, screen brightness, computer sleep options, etc.
6. Update drivers (drivers) for the machine
laptop battery not in

Error charging laptop battery not to power the driver device

On Windows, there will be some drivers for battery and power devices. In the case of charging the laptop without power, you also need to check and update these drivers. You go to Device Manager, update the drivers in the Batteries section.
7. Check laptop temperature
laptop battery not in

Error charging laptop battery not into electricity due to machine temperature

Sometimes, because the laptop temperature is too high, it may not charge. Not only that, high temperatures also cause additional problems such as fire, endangering users. You should check the computer temperature, use a cooling fan, avoid using laptops in environments that are difficult to cool or have high temperatures.
8 Thanks to the help of qualified people
The fault of laptop battery charger is not mainly due to hardware problems, which require professional repair. Therefore, when there is a problem with the battery or charging, you should go to the service center or repair shop for assistance to avoid further damage to other devices or loss of electrical safety.
Another case is a laptop battery with a bottle, at this time, it is difficult to charge the laptop battery, you should check the laptop battery bottle to know exactly why the laptop is not charging in the battery to have the most effective solution.
Above are some ways to check and fix the laptop battery not charging problem. These are the most basic tasks you can do at home every time you have a problem with your battery or laptop charger. You can also install additional software to check and monitor battery status such as Battery Optimizer as well as many other software.


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