How to fix Laptop does not catch wifi

How to fix Laptop does not catch wifi

If you need to fix a laptop that doesn’t catch wifi, the first thing you need to do is find the cause. There are many reasons why your laptop suddenly cannot catch wifi. Taimienphi will assist you to check, find out the cause and how to handle it in this article.

The convenience of a laptop lies in the fact that you do not need to be in a fixed place to work, so if laptop can’t catch wifi, it will be difficult for you to use the laptop most convenient. The cause of this may be hardware or software, you need to check the basics and handle it yourself before having a technician.

1. Wifi is turned off by function keys

Sometimes, you may have the wrong key to turn off the wifi on the laptop. This makes the laptop not catch wifi despite trying many ways. Therefore, as soon as the laptop does not catch the wifi, you need to immediately check the wrong turn off wifi with the function key. The function keys toggle wifi of the laptop line, you can refer here: Turn off wifi

2. No driver or conflicting driver has been installed

If your wifi network still works but your laptop does not catch wifi, you need to check your wifi network driver. It is possible that your wifi driver is not installed, may be outdated or in a conflict. How to check as follows:

Step 1: You guys open Control Panel on the computer. How to open Control Panel On the operating systems you can refer How to access the Control Panel

Step 2: In Control Panel Click on the item Device Manager

Step 3: Find the wifi driver in the section Network adapter. Each laptop will have different wifi drivers, if not clear, pay attention to the drivers that contain words wireless, 801.22, …

There are several possibilities for wifi drivers

– No wifi driver found. Your laptop cannot catch wifi because it has not installed the driver, you need to find the wifi driver to install on your computer. You can download and use the software Easy Driver to automatically find and install wifi driver automatically.

– Wifi driver appears exclamation mark: Maybe your wifi driver is in conflict, you need to remove the wifi driver, and reinstall it

– Wifi driver with black arrow pointing down: Your wifi driver is disabled, the solution is very simple, you just need to right-click on the wifi driver, click Enable and reconnect

3. Wifi is not connected, exclamation mark

Wifi with exclamation mark is the phenomenon of wifi still connecting to Modem but no Internet. When encountering case of wifi with exclamation mark, you need to restart Modem, then connect again. In addition, the reason may also be because the wifi access password has been changed, you need to forget about wifi network before connecting again. The steps are as follows:

For Windows 8, 8.1

Step 1: Press the button Windows then type PC Settings then search to find this function and open it

Step 2: You Click Network in the settings list at PC Settings

Step 3: Choose Connection and Click Manage known network under Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Here you will see the wifi networks you have connected will show up in the section Manage known network

Step 5: Next to you Click WiFi network name you want to delete and click Forget

For Windows 10

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + I or press Start, type Setting to open Setting App. You choose Network & Internet

Step 2: Select the item WIFI, click Manage known networks

Step 3: Click on the wifi you want to delete, then press Forget.

After completing the above steps, you enter a new wifi pass to reconnect that wifi.

4. Problems caused by antivirus software

Sometimes anti-virus software will disconnect your computer from the wifi network or the antivirus software services will conflict with the wifi driver. In this case, you should temporarily turn off the antivirus software or temporarily remove it to check the wifi connection. Note: Removing or disabling features in anti-virus software may affect security on your computer.

5. Restart Wifi network management services

You should restart this service in case the laptop cannot catch Wifi. For Windows XP, this service has a name Wireless Zero Configuration, for versions of Windows 7 and above, this service has a name WLAN AutoConfig. The steps to restart the service are as follows:

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the window Run, enter the line services.msc, then press OK, got it

Step 2: In the table service, guys Wireless Zero Configuration for Windows XP or WLAN AutoConfig for Win7 and above. Right-click and choose Restart.

Step 3: Restart the computer and reconnect wifi

6. Clear the DNS cache

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + R to open the window Run, enter the line cmd, then press OK, got it

Step 2: In the window Command Prompt, type the following commands one after the other

ipconfig / flushdns

ipconfig / release

ipconfig / renew

Step 3: Restart the computer and reconnect

7. Network card error

If all of the above options cannot solve the problem, you need to check the hardware (wifi network card). You should ask a technical expert to check the hardware problem and perform repairs to be able to reconnect the wifi normally.
Above are some remedies for laptop errors that cannot catch wifi. You should try to manipulate the basic errors before thanks to hardware processing techniques. In addition, it is very important to test wifi during the testing of an old laptop before you buy, please refer to how to check an old laptop on Taimienphi for the most general way to check


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