How to fix laptop touch mouse with an error that cannot be clicked

The situation of mouse touch error is not clickable due to many reasons leading to and finding out the cause is also very time consuming. However, to fix the broken touch mouse, it is not available if you follow the instructions in this article.

Status Faulty touch mouse It often happens that some laptops are too old or appear on a few old laptops to upgrade to Windows 10, especially Windows 10 64-bit version. Of course this is possible, the remaining cases may be due to faulty drivers or really damaged Touchpad.

The touch screen mouse is faulty due to several reasons because the operating system system conflicts with the Touchpad, works unstable and can turn off the Touchpad at any time without your knowledge. Enough talk about the causes, whatever the cause, but if you have an error, please refer to and apply the methods in this article to improve the ability to fix a corrupted touch mouse.

How to fix touch mouse error is not clickable

1. Update Driver

If the mouse suddenly fails to work, try upgrading to the latest version in the following way.

Step 1: First press the key combination Windows + X and choose Device Manager, this is the control of input and output device drivers, helping you to fix faulty touch mice.

repair laptop error not clickable 2

Step 2: In Device Manager Select the mouse driver, then click on Touchpad and select Update Driver.

repair laptop error not click 3

Step 3: Then choose Search automatically for updated driver software to let the system detect and download updated drivers for you (if any).

repair laptop error not click 4

In addition, you can use 3rd party software to automatically find the driver and upgrade will be more effective in case the system can not find you and you do not know how to find the right driver. To use the software to automatically find the most professional drivers, recommends Driver Booster software, Driver Booster software with a data warehouse of up to 400,000 different drivers with the speed of finding and installing the missing driver for a computer. fruit

repair laptop error not click 5

2. Try to activate Touchpad again

Sometimes the way to turn on and off Touchpad is also a solution to help you overcome the problem of the touchpad mouse error because maybe these actions will help the Touchpad system to automatically restart and run again if it is a slight error.

repair laptop error not click 6

To be able to turn off Touchpad depending on the Laptop may be F5 or F9 as Asus today, you only need to hold FN + F9 to turn off, turn on Touchpad on the laptop.

3. Turn off Touchpad sensitivity mode

Touchpad sensitivity is a mode that allows you to increase the time it takes to get back the mouse when you type on the keyboard, which limits the amount of time you have to touch or touch the touchpad when typing text. So try to touch Touchpad sensitivity delay Touchpad at the lowest level to see if it fixes the faulty touch mouse.

Step 1: On Start menu up and type search “touchpad settings“, then select the search results.

repair laptop error not click 7

Step 2: In section Touchpad You just need to change Touchpad sensitivity.

repair laptop error not click 8

You can to Medium sensivity or low sensivity it’s up to you.

repair laptop error not click 9

Then restart your computer and try again to see if the error status of touch mouse is still taking place.
Above, has finished instructions on how to fix a faulty touch computer mouse, help the Touchpad return to its original state and from here you can turn off and turn on the Touchpad to use it again. If you have any questions about how to fix a touch mouse computer error in the article you read, leave a question here, we will reply as soon as possible.


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