How to fix Micro error does not work on Windows 10

Many users are experiencing microphone errors that do not work on computers after updating to recent versions of Windows 10 and they do not know how to check and resolve the problem, so, thuthuat.taimienphi. vn has summarized ways to fix Micro not working on Windows 10 for you to learn and apply.

There are many factors that cause microphones to fail such as faulty drivers, install mic Incorrect, hardware issues and more. If you are also experiencing this problem, then maybe try some of the fix methods introduced below. However, to get the most effective way to fix the problem, you need to learn some information about your microphone or at least the model name and brand of manufacture.

How to fix Micro error does not work on Windows 10

Table of Contents:
1. Check hardware connection.
2. Update the driver.
3. Check the options on Windows.
4. Disable Hands-Free mode.
5. Check audio settings.
6. Check the application’s permissions.

Guide to fix Micro error does not work on Windows 10

1. Check hardware connection

The first step is to check if your microphone has a hardware connection error. To do that, simply unplug the microphone and plug it back in. You will hear a sound indicating that Windows has received new hardware. If you do not hear an audible signal, open it Start Menu and find Device Manager. Then click Device Manager from the search results.

how to fix the microphone not working on Windows 10

Next, you click on the item Audio inputs and outputs in the window Device Manager. Once your microphone is connected to the computer, it will appear here.

the computer does not recognize a microphone win 10

If the microphone is not here, unplug the microphone and plug it in again or change the USB port. If that is still useless, you should try a different connection cable or plug the microphone into another computer to see if your current computer is having problems. “

2. Update the driver

When you see your microphone in device manager, right-click on it and select Properties. Next, click on Driver tab> Update Driver> Search automatically for updated driver software.

how to fix the laptop mic not working on windows 10

If nothing is found, you should search your microphone on Google to see if the microphone manufacturer has any versions update driver is it on the site? Most current microphones are connected to a computer and can work right away, and installing drivers is almost too common for Windows 10, but in rare cases, the official driver download can be very necessary.

Finally, go back to the application you’re trying to use the microphone on and check if the error is resolved.

3. Check the options on Windows

Windows has its own default audio devices that can be adjusted before you use your microphone. To adjust audio options on Windows, open it Start Menu and enter Audio. Then click Manage audio devices.

The microphone is not working

In the audio device window, click the tab Recording. There, find the microphone you want to use and right click on it. First, make sure that the option is being set to state Disable.

How to fix computers without microphone

If you do not see your microphone here, you can also click on it Show Disabled Devices to make sure it is not hidden from view. Once again, right-click on the microphone and choose enable it if it is in the active state. In the options provided, click Set as default device. You will then see a green checkmark and text Default Device.

4. Disable Hands-Free mode on Bluetooth devices

how to fix the microphone not working on windows 10 6

If you’re using a Bluetooth device but want to use a standalone microphone, make sure that Hands-Free mode is turned off. You can turn off hands-free mode by the following:
– Open Start Menu, search Manage Audio Devices.
– On the tab Playback and RecordingsRight-click any Hands-Free Bluetooth device and click Disable.
Then try the microphone in any application to see if it works again.

5. Check the sound settings in the Voice Communication application recommends that you check the audio settings in the application you are using. Occasionally, standalone applications will have separate controls for choosing which audio device is used as the default.

Typically, you can find these options by opening the settings menu and selecting the tab Audio. Each application will have a different location and some applications will not have these settings.

Mic laptop can not say win 10

If you can’t find the audio settings page, you can search on Google, such as “How to change the microphone of the camera app”. After making changes, restart the application and check that the microphone is now operational.

6. Check the application’s permissions

On Windows 10, you can deny or allow apps access to certain permissions. One of these permissions controls whether the application can access your microphone.

If you do not allow an application to use a microphone, that application cannot use your microphone, even if you have set it to the default recording device.

To access the application rights, do the following:
– Open Start Menu and enter Microphone privacy settings.
– In a new window, browse for the application and find the app you are using. Click the switch next to the application to allow that app to access your microphone.

The laptop does not recognize the headset mic
Note that only Microsoft applications appear here. If you are using some apps like Microsoft Teams or Skype, this step can fix Micro error not working on Windows 10.


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