How to fix Open with error on Windows

The Open with error makes you uncomfortable when you can’t open the file normally. This error usually occurs when the Open with configuration is changed to software that is not intended to open the file format. For example, Notepad is used to open .png or .jpeg image files.

To fix this error you can use the following two ways:

Method 1: Adjust settings Choose default program

Step 1: Right click on the corrupted file then select Open with

Step 2: Click Choose another app

Step 3: Select the correct application for the file type, for example .png then choose Photos or Paint, .doc or .docx then select Word…. After you select it, click on it. Always use this app to open files then press OK.

How to fix Open with error on Windows

Method 2: Fix Open with error with Registry

For some cases that cannot be fixed by method 1, please try method 2.

Step 1: Press Win + CHEAP type regedit then press Enter to open Registry Editor.

How to fix Open with error on Windows

Step 2: Access the following path:


Step 3: Here you will see file lists. You select the file to adjust the default opening application. The example in the image is a .png file.

Step 4: In the .lnk folder, click on the folder OpenWithList then delete all entries, leaving only the item (Default) as in the photo. With OpenWithProgids you also delete all just left (Default) the same, similar.

How to fix Open with error on Windows

Step 5: Delete folder UserChoice

How to fix Open with error on Windows

With other files with errors, you can also do the same thing, you can set the file to open with the default application. Please watch the video below of to better understand the error correction process. If useful, remember to like the video and sub for’s channel!

Good luck. Thank you!


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