How to fix phone no signal

How to fix phone no signal

Losing radio or without a cellular connection is a common problem on phones. If you want to use some of the most basic functions like making a phone call or sending a text message, your phone must have a SIM and a signal. There are many causes of this phenomenon, and fortunately, there are many ways to fix phone no signal that you can solve by yourself.

You can easily tell Error of receiving phone SIM but no signal when no signal line is displayed, you cannot make a call, nor can you send a message, and cannot use mobile data to connect to the Internet. That could be because you are in a bad coverage area, your network is experiencing problems, a SIM error or hardware damage on your phone. Here are some easy and effective ways to fix non-signal phone problems that you can apply.

How to fix phone no signal

Table of Contents:
1. Move to a strong coverage area.
2. Restart the phone.
3. Switch to airplane mode.
4. Check the SIM card.
5. Update the operating system.
6. Restore the original settings of the phone.
7. Contact the network.

What to do when the phone receives SIM but there is no signal?

1. Move to a strong coverage area

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If you’re in a basement, a closed room, or in a space with lots of obstructions, then the phone doesn’t have reception. At that time, try moving to a clear area to see if the waves have reappeared or not, or use devices or applications to stimulate the signal to increase mobile mobility. Phone cases can also be the cause of errors that few people expect. In case all subscribers register at the same network with you also lose the signal, it may be the fault of the network. You can only wait until your network service provider fixes the problem.

2. Restart the phone

The most useful way to solve this problem is to reboot the phone. Restarting the device will refresh the system and the phone will look for the cellular signal again. This usually works well, although the problem may only be temporarily fixed and may recur later. For those who do not face this problem very often, the job restart iPhone, Android can be a fast and efficient solution.

3. Switch to airplane mode (Airplane Mode)

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Many people find that turning the airplane mode on and off a few times can resolve some connectivity and cellular issues quickly. You can easily turn on airplane mode from the notification center or control center on mobile devices. Touch the airplane icon to turn on the mode, wait about 30 seconds and touch it again to turn off the mode. After doing this, your phone will try to search the mobile network again.

4. Check the SIM card

Sometimes the phone doesn’t have reception, it could be because you inserted the SIM incorrectly The phone does not accept the sim or worse, the SIM is broken. To solve the problem, turn off the phone, then remove the SIM card from the SIM tray, clean the SIM slot, and put the SIM back in. Finally, boot the device and most likely you have called, sent a normal message. To determine if the problem is due to a broken SIM card, you can try using that SIM card on any other compatible phone you have.

5. Update the operating system

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The operating system needs to be updated in time for the device to work properly. When the phone has been updated to the latest operating system, many errors and problems exist. Therefore, you check to see if there are any updates available waiting for. If so, do not hesitate to update immediately and the error may disappear when the phone is updated.

6. Restore the original settings of the phone

Getting the device back into manufacturer mode is often used as a last resort to fix errors on phones that haven’t been successfully remedied with basic methods. When resetting the device to factory mode, you bring the software back to the same state as when the phone was just out of the box. This will erase all data on the phone and all previously installed applications are also removed. Therefore, you need to make a backup of all data before resetting the device.

After restoring to factory settings, the phone automatically restarts and connects to the network. Once there, check to see if the problem has been resolved.

7. Contact the operator or bring the phone to a repair place

While a phone error may be resolved in some basic way, there are also cases where the problem is not as simple as you think. Therefore, when the above methods of using home remedies are not effective, you need to contact the network operator to find out the problem and bring your mobile device to a repair center to be professional diagnostics and remedies.
No signal means the phone cannot make / receive calls or send messages, nor can it connect to the Internet unless using Wifi. Then you need an immediate solution and has introduced some effective solutions that you can apply at home. One of the most common problems on phones is not accepting memory cards. If you are experiencing problems The phone does not recognize the memory card , will help you fix errors easily.


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