How to fix Play Together Server Not Found error

Due to too many players logging into Play Together at the same time, the Server Not Found status will appear, which prevents you from playing the game normally, if you are getting the “Server Not Found” error. Play Together”, follow the instructions below immediately.

Play Together Server Not Found Error This is the error most players often encounter after logging into the game, to fix this trait, users must use a DNS changer application to enter Play Together game, the steps are as follows.

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Play together server not found error

How to fix the error that the Play Together server cannot be found

Step 1: Download and install VPN . application
– Link to download Android version: for Android
– Link to download iOS version: for iPhone

Step 2: Open the app after installation, select Accept => press OK.

I can't help but play together

Step 3: Next you Move the button to the right to start using VPN => select Install VPN Profile in the next table.

I can't help but play together

Step 4: Next press OK, appears the word Connected below the Switch button means you have successfully changed the VPN on your phone.

play together

Step 5: Login back to the game Play Together To continue playing, if you still can’t log in, you can repeat the above steps about 1 to 2 times.

I can't help but play together what is the difference and what is wrong?

After logging into the game, the display language may be changed to English, please switch Play Together language changeto Vietnamese at the Setting tab, don’t forget to regularly use GiftCode to receive free rewards.

Refer to how to receive and enter: Code Play Together

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