How to fix printer errors out strange characters, font errors

How to fix printer errors out strange characters, font errors

When an error occurs with data sent to the printer, the printer prints documents that contain strange characters, jumbled letters, or shuffled text. If the problem only happens once and corrects itself, you don’t need to worry about it. But if it appears repeatedly, you may have problems with the printer cable, printer software, specific file or font file. will share with you some ways to fix printer errors in strange and effective printing.

It might look like something in a horror movie: after sending a printed document, printer Your page flushes out the strange characters. For a job that requires high frequency printing with an average printer, you may experience this one time and another time. Do not panic because this problem is often a sign of a temporary communication error between the computer and the printer. Here are a few measures that you can take to fix printer errors that print strange characters.

Printer error out strange characters, causes and solutions

1. Basic measures
2. Driver and software.
3. Font and document errors.
4. Problems printing PDF files.
5. Broken printer.

Fix printer error printing strange characters

1. Basic measures

how to correct printing errors

As a first step, try restarting the computer and printer. Some printers retain memory when turned off, so unplug the printer’s power cord from the outlet and wait a few minutes before reconnecting. If the printer prints errors again, try changing the USB cable connecting the printer to the computer. Any USB cable with the same plug can be used instead. Therefore, you do not need to find other cables from the printer manufacturer. If you connect the printer via a USB hub, connect it directly to your computer to eliminate hardware errors in the USB hub.

2. Driver and software

The printer driver and hardware control the output and an error in either can cause print problems. Installing the driver for the wrong model or for the wrong operating system version can also cause this problem. Visit the printer manufacturer’s website and download the latest version for your printer model. If you have the latest version, you can try reinstalling the driver, as that will replace any corrupted files. Some manufacturers also offer replacement or generic drivers that you can try if common drivers are problematic or not working on your operating system, please update the Driver for your printer.

3. Font and document errors

how to fix the printer from the printout is 2

A corrupted font file or text document on your computer may look completely normal on the screen, but print it incorrectly. Create a new document using another font and print it out as a test. If the font is in error, change it back to the one that caused the error. If the print is not a problem, the problem may be with the specific document not printed correctly – copying the text to a new document to fix the problem. Otherwise, when the font is still not printed correctly in any document, set a lower resolution in the printer properties. If the font is still not working correctly, delete it in the Fonts Control Panel and reinstall it from the original source.

4. Problems printing PDF files

You may also have trouble when some fonts appear in PDF files, especially on networked printers. However, unlike other types of documents, you cannot edit PDF files using the Windows 8 Reader application or Adobe Reader. As an alternative, print from Adobe Reader, click “Advanced” on the Print window and select “Print as Image”. This method can make the text look rough around the edges, but avoid the problem with font files. Printing PDF files as images takes a few minutes, so use this option only when normal printing fails.

5. Broken printer

If the printer still does not work with any fonts or documents after you have tried another connection cable or reinstalled the driver, the printer may have a hardware error and may require repair or replacement. To confirm this, try printing the same document on another printer.
In the process of using the printer, you will encounter many printer errors other than printing strange characters, and the whole white printer error is also common, please refer to how Fix the printer error, blank print all here to know how to fix it.


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