How to fix Sopcast blocked, can not watch TV, football

How to fix blocked Sopcast, TV, football will not be shared by below so that you can fix the Sopcast blocked error, watch TV easily, avoid the phenomenon of inaccessible .

Most Sopcast users are to watch Football online, watch TV on Sopcast. However, paid TV channels now have many ways to block Sopcast, not let users watch their channels for free on Sopcast. So users often see “Error can not access Sopcast service“when accessing Sopcast on the computer. To fix the blocked Sopcast, there are many different ways. However, users can follow the most effective way to fix Sopcast blocked.

Fix Sopcast blocked, can not watch TV, football

Step 1: To fix the blocked Sopcast, click on the corner of the screen to open Open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2: Choose Change adapter settings.

fix sopcast

Step 3: Open section Local Area Connection and choose Properties.

xu ly loi sopcast bi chan

Step 4: In the Local Area Connection Properties interface, click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) and choose Properties.

The other sopcast went crazy

Step 5: Tick ​​the box Use the following DNS sever addressses.

Then you enter the Google IP address is: and in the empty box. Finally press OK, got it to save the operation.

repair sopcast bi chan

If you’ve done the above IP change and still haven’t handled the blocked Sopcast error, right-click on it Local Area Connection pressing Disable to turn off the Internet.

repaired sopcast error on computer

Then right click Local Area Connection Enable to turn it back on.

repair sopcast bi chan

Now that you’re done, you only need to try to access Sopcast to see if it fixes the blocked Sopcast. Press Log in.

repair sopcast bi chan

Next, go to Sopcast and open the channels.

repair sopcast bi chan

Above is how to fix the blocked Sopcast on the computer. If you are experiencing the error Sopcast is blocked, try to fix it right away by fixing this error.

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