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How to fix the computer can not access WiFi


Computer not being able to access WiFi is a common error that many users encounter when using a laptop because it is not only due to a few fixed causes at all, but there are many causes of this error. If you often encounter this error, immediately refer to the article below to pocket some ways to fix your computer can not access WiFi for you as well as share with everyone.

As mentioned above, there are many causes of the phenomenon Computer error cannot access WiFi Whether or not to catch WiFi. Therefore, you need to know how to identify, as well as eliminate the causes of this error, to save repair time through each of which we share shortly.

how to fix the computer to wifi?

How to fix the computer can not access WiFi

1. Restart the computer

Restarting your computer is a simple way to solve all problems, not just WiFi errors, but a lot of other minor errors as well. The reason may be that the computer works for a long time, leading to an error, or in the process of using Windows, there is a software conflict, a file error …

2. Re-enable WiFi on / off mode on the Laptop

This is considered one of the common factors that prevent your computer from accessing WiFi. The main reason may be negligence or someone using your laptop and accidentally turning off the WiFi detector on the laptop, resulting in the computer being unable to connect to the internet.

how to fix a computer without wifi 2

To fix it, simply use the keyboard shortcut to turn the WiFi detector back on. Typically, you will use the keyboard shortcut is Fn + Fx (where x can be a range of numbers from 1 to 9 depending on the laptop company you are using). However, each type of computer will have different shortcut locations, some will use hard keys so you pay attention.

Dell Laptop: Fn + F2 or PrtScr
Asus Laptop: Fn + F2
Laptop Lenovo: Fn + F5 or Fn + F7
Acer Laptop: Fn + F5 or Fn + F2
HP laptop: Fn + F12
Laptop Toshiba: Fn + F12

For Sony Vaio or some other devices, there will be a separate button to turn on and off the WiFi detector device of the laptop.

See more on, off,open wifi on Windows laptop.

3. Restart Modem, Router WiFi

Similar to that on a computer, a Modem or a WiFi Router for some reason, a conflict causes the computer to be unable to connect to WiFi or because the device has been in operation for a long time leading to a hang. Very simple, you just need to turn off and open Modem, WiFi Router or unplug and then plug it back in, then the device will automatically “fix” conflicts and your computer can connect WiFi back to normal. often.

how to fix a computer without access to wifi 3

4. Reconnect the WiFi network

Sometimes for a reason, the Modem, your WiFi Router is faulty and causes a situation where it cannot detect the WiFi network, cannot access or access but cannot access the network. You can try clearing WiFi and reconnecting it. Please read the instructions delete WiFi on win 10 connected on the computer we shared earlier.

5. Renew your IP address

When you access a particular router, your computer will be provided with an IP address by the router and this address may change depending on the number of times it is not always fixed, so people call it. is dynamic IP. However, in some cases, the router allocates the same IP range to two different devices, resulting in a conflict and either or both computers cannot access the network.

The solution for you now is to “renew” the IP address of your computer by pressing the key combination Windows + R To open the Run dialog box and type cmd then press Enter or OK, got it

how to fix a computer that can't connect to wifi 4

Comman Pormpt dialog box appears, enter the following command line and press Enter after each command line.

net stop dhcpnet start dhcpipconfig /releaseipconfig /renew

After completing and receiving the results as shown below, please try to reconnect to the internet.

how to fix a computer that can't connect to wifi 5

6. Reinstall the WiFi driver

It is not uncommon for users to reinstall Windows themselves and not know how to install drivers, or even to install the wrong drivers for that device. To check that the computer is installed, update the driver or not, you can do as follows:

Step 1: From the user interface, you press the key combination Windows + R and enter the command hdwwiz.cpl then press Enter or OK, got it.

how to fix a computer that can't connect to wifi 6

Step 2: Device Manager interface opens, double click Network adapters Check if there is a yellow dot icon. If there is a yellow icon, the WiFi Driver capability is not installed or the device is receiving the wrong Driver.

how to fix a computer that can't connect to wifi 7

To fix it, you need to visit its support website, find the list of drivers for the model you are using and download the WiFi Driver package to the installation machine. It sounds easy, but if you do find it difficult to use the DriverEasy tool to update computer drivers quickly. Details readers can refer to the instructions Driver updates using DriverEasy We have previously shared.

7. The computer is infected with a virus

Computers infected with viruses lead to the failure to access WiFi is also quite common cause that is mainly due to the use of unknown software or no anti-virus protection software. The solution for you now is to reinstall Windows and use free anti-virus software as well as copyright to install a suitable software for your computer.

8. WiFi card is broken

Broken WiFi chipsets are no exception, but the proportion of these parts is quite rare. Then you can do nothing more than hold the device to service centers, repair reputable repair and replacement.

how to fix a computer without wifi 8

9. Modem, Router WiFi is broken

You also need to consider the device Modem or Router WiFi broken. In this case, the easiest thing you can do is to call your network technician to check it for you. This method is quite convenient and extremely good for those who are not familiar with computers and the network.

Telephone support network switchboard:

Viettel: 1800.8098
VNPT: 028.800126
FPT: 1900.6600
So, here are some reasons and how to fix the computer can not access WiFi that readers can apply as well as share with friends who are experiencing these situations. In addition to the above situations, readers should also pay attention to the input language, especially when WiFi passwords are easily typed into Vietnamese.



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