How to fix the error of not showing the house in PUBG

How to fix the error of not showing the house in PUBG

PUBG is an online game that attracts a lot of gamers, but requires a lot of computer resources. To play PUBG games at regular graphics settings, you need 6 GB of RAM and at least GTX 660 or equivalent graphics card.

The error of not showing the house in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is considered a common error, but players can still use quite simple methods to fix.

Perhaps the perennial problem with any system in PUBG is the lengthy game loading process. You may have to look at the black screen with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, hear the plane, shoot grenades and explode grenades for 10-15 minutes for a battle that lasts only 5 seconds. And once the map has finished loading, you will most likely be shot immediately. This problem even occurs even on systems with 8 GB of RAM.

How to fix the error of not showing the house in PUBG

PUBG error does not show the home that occurs as soon as a gamer upgrades the latest game update. This leads to players feeling unfair when fighting opponents due to losing advantage. The best solution for quick loading of maps (generally to launch games) is to lower the graphical settings. But with the lack of RAM, the objects on the map will still load very slowly, no matter how much you lower the setting. Here are a few solutions that can help you fix the error of not showing your home in PUBG:

Table of Contents:
1. Forced rendering of objects.
2. Use the SSD hard drive for the system.
3. Updated graphic drivers.
4. Verify or reinstall PUBG.
5. Try using PUBG Lite.

1. Forced rendering of objects

Things like rendering and drawing entities in the game are usually not in the player’s control but there are a few adjustments and tricks in each game that gamers can use to control the rendering time. and the speed of the objects.

With PUBG, terrain grids (in-game buildings) often load more slowly due to the fact that they’re on the active screen. When the player looks around, the buildings in the visible area begin to appear. To fix this, you just need to jump down from the plane and once you find the location, press and hold the key Tab. Another screen will display, forcing the actual map and hidden buildings to appear. Therefore, homes on the map will probably load faster. When you land, you can release the key Tab and enjoy the game.

2. Use the SSD hard drive for the system

Currently, many gamers and streamers have switched to SSDs instead of regular hard drives because of their high performance and better Read / Write speeds. After transferring the game to an SSD, the display of the house in particular and the download speed will be much faster. However, one problem is that if used regularly, the device will quickly fail.

How to switch PUBG to SSD:

Uninstalling and reloading a game in the system is quite an annoying task. This consumes a lot of time as well as internet traffic. Fortunately, Steam offers an option to move the game to another directory without consuming data traffic.

– First, you need to create Steam library in the SSD. To do so, simply click on the Steam menu at the top left of the Steam homepage and select Settings.

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– On the left menu, select Download, open the settings related to the download folder of Steam.

The other way is not displayed in pubg 2

– In this window, click on folder options Steam Library Folders.
– You can see all the Steam library folders present on the system hard drive. To add another drive (SSD), click the button Add Library folder.

how is it different not to show in pubg 3

– You will be directed to the system explorer directory. Simply select your SSD drive in this window and click Select.

other ways not to show up in pubg 4

– Then you can see the SSD Steam installation folder in the window Steam Library Folders, close that window.
– Open Steam library and right click PUBG.
– Choose Properties.
– Then open the tab Local files
– Here, you choose Move install Folder to start the transfer.

other ways not to display in pubg 5

– In the next window, you must specify the folder you want to move the game to. Simply select the folder located in the SSD.

3. Updated graphic drivers

Graphics processor (GPU) manufacturers regularly update their drivers. For example, after each AAA game release, Nvidia will release a graphics driver for that game. PUBG also has a number of game driver versions, which you can download to the latest version from the official website.

4. Verify or reinstall PUBG

If you’ve tried the above methods but haven’t fixed the home display error, there may be corrupted files in your PUBG database. The system will not be able to read the corrupted files and therefore, the game cannot load the specific structure.

To verify game files, follow these steps:
– Open Steam library and right click PUBG.
– Choose Properties.
– After seeing the game’s property options, select tap Local Files.
– Here, you can see the option Verify integrity of game files, tap to start the process.

other ways not to show up in pubg 6

– After verification, close the window and Steam will download the missing or corrupted files.
– Once the files have been downloaded, restart the game to see if the error has been fixed.

If the above steps also do not solve the problem, you should uninstall the game and then download it again in another folder.

5. Try using PUBG Lite

other ways not to show up in pubg 7

PUBG Lite is the A Lite version of the official game. This version is designed for low profile computers. However, you can run PUBG Lite at Ultra settings. The whole game engine and tools are still identical to the original game (Unreal Engine 4). Therefore, you will not be able to see any difference between these two versions. And because the game has been optimized for low-profile computers, FPS performance is guaranteed.
Game size has also been significantly reduced. Instead of 20 GB, PUBG Lite is only about 3 to 4 GB. You can download PUBG Lite from the official website:


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