How to fix the error of the CD-ROM drive

How to fix the error of the CD-ROM drive

The regular use of a CD-ROM drive for a long time, climatic conditions, … somewhat affects the life of the drive, so failure, failure, and error are inevitable. To fix the error of the CD-ROM drive, please follow the following article.

CD / DVD drive is no stranger to people who use computers, especially IT people, when they need to install games, or programs from floppy disks … indispensable CD / DVD drive. So when the CD-ROM drive fails, do you know how to fix it? Let’s find out the cause and how to fix the damaged errors of the CD-ROM drive.

Instructions on how to fix the error of the CD-ROM drive

If the disc is run or scratched, when the disc is inserted into the drive, Windows recognizes it after a few moments

First, if you use it for a long time, you should clean the drive. You proceed to open the drive, remove the CD / DVD in the drive

Use the laptop cleaning kit to wipe, wipe the surrounding parts, wipe through the eyes of the disc, etc.

If the disc is not removed from the tray

To Handling when the disc cannot be removed from the CD / DVD Rom drive check if your drive is stuck or stuck, if any, try to fix it to make way for the CD / DVD out of the tray. You open Computer Right-click on the drive and select Eject

If it still does not work, proceed to get a small toothpick on the side of the CD / DVD drive, and a small hole will fit in the small toothpick. you take the disc.

When you insert the disc into the newly purchased CD / DVD, you will receive it, but only scratch a little, for the 2nd, 3rd time .. then report that there is no disc

You proceed to remove the disc wipe the disk with a soft cloth. Use another new disc to wipe the eyes of the drive and for the new disc and check, followed by the disc that the drive does not recognize and check.

If not, enter Computer -> Manage A dialog box appears, at the section Device Manager you look to DVD / CD-ROM then right click Scan For Hardwware Changes Restart the computer and insert the disk into the drive and check

Above, we have shown you some tips to fix the error of the CD-ROM drive on your computer, this way you can extend the life of the drive. Also, you can refer Fix error CD / DVD drive does not work on Windows 7, Lock CD-ROM drive with CDRom-Lock, … to use CD-ROM drive more effectively.
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