How to fix the game AOE Age Of Empires Has Stopped Working

When the error message AOE game Age Of Empires Has Stopped Working appears on the screen, it also means that your game will be suddenly shut down or not respond to any further action, to fix this annoying error, Taimienphi will share to you 3 simple tips that effective shortly.

Surely in the course of playing Age Of Empires (AOE) or have a familiar name other than Vietnamese than the Empire game, at least once we encounter the notice “AOE Age Of Empires Has Stopped Working“Immediately, the game window will stop suddenly or stop responding, causing extremely uncomfortable feeling for the player.

Fixed game AOE Has Stopped Working

To stop this situation, please refer to the content of the article instructing to fix game AOE Age Of Empires Has Stopped Working by Taimienphi done below.

The case and the cause of the error

Has Stopped Working when opening the game: The main reason is that your computer has a software conflict, or you are using a Empirical empire.
Has Stopped Working while playing a game: This error usually occurs when you are trying to control the “fixing the field” while being destroyed by the enemy soldiers.

Fix Age Of Empires Has Stopped Working error

1. Check or reinstall the game version
To ensure the game works stable, with the least error, you should install the standard version of Empire for your computer. Link to download all versions of the Empire will be shared immediately by Taimienphi.
– Download the standard Empire game here: Download AOE (Age Of Empires)

2. Restart the computer
Although this is a relatively simple method, until now, it still has an effective solution. When you encounter AOE Has Stopped Working error, it may be due to a program running in the background or automatically opening when the machine interferes with the game.
Please restart your computer and turn off all unnecessary programs or utilities and check again.

3. Change compatibility settings
Step 1: You click Right click on the icon game. Then choose Properties .

how to fix the game aoe age of empires has stopped working 2

Step 2: Next you choose the card Compatibility and tick the line Run this program in compatibility mode for . Choose setup Windows 98 / Windows Me In the list, press OK, got it .

how to fix the game aoe age of empires has stopped working 3
Recently, Taimienphi has guided you 3 simple but no less effective ways to fix AOE game “Age Of Empires Has Stopped Working”. Hopefully after following the tips, the instructions will help you completely fix this error on your computer, providing a more stable game experience. In addition, you refer how to play Empire Here to quickly become a master in AOE.


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