How to fix the game Rules of Survival

How to fix the game Rules of Survival

Currently, many people encounter the situation of hanging game (hanging logo). This problem makes many gamers unable to experience Rules Of Survival. The following article we will guide you how to fix hanging Rules of Survival game.

Usually, common, normal error of Rules of Survival game was determined by the computer’s OpenGL is too low version should not be able to play and can not launch Rules of Survival. So you’ll only see the logo of the game maker that can’t play the game.

Instructions on how to fix hanging game Rules of Survival

Step 1: You download OpenGL 4.1 to your computer HERE
Step 2: Select the downloaded OpenGL file and extract it

Other ways to suspend game rules of survival 2

Step 3: You double-click the file after extracting, you will get 2 small files: 32bit and 64bit. Depending on which computer you belong to, you select the corresponding bit type. If unzipped, enter the password: turklersiker

how to suspend game rules of survival 3

Step 3: Then right click and copy the file in the opened bit.

how to suspend game rules of survival 4

Step 4: Next, go to the Rules of Survival game folder, right-click and paste.

how to suspend game rules of survival 5

Step 5: Open the game and continue to experience Rules of Survival.

Above we have just taught you how to fix crashes (only display the manufacturer icon) with the game Rules of Survival. All operations are not difficult, right? The case when playing Rules of Survival is thrown out, you refer to how Fix game flips when Rules of Survival here

how to suspend game rules of survival 6
Rules of Survival is an international version of the game Terminator 2, produced by NetEase Games. The game is a survival genre, released on iOS, Android and PC versions. Currently Rules of Survival is rated as the most attractive mobile survival game with more 100,000,000 downloads from the end of 2017.


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