How to fix the problem of 4K Empire playing jerky, lag

The 4K Empire is still in beta, so there are many bugs around it. According to recent records, the 4K Empire game error is jerky, lag is very well reflected by gamers, has learned the above problem and has a resolution guide to help you read the error of playing 4K Empire jerky, lag.

Error playing 4K Empire was jerky, lag This is the problem that gamers who are taking part in the testing need to solve the top issues today. More specifically, there are two issues we need to be concerned about: playing 4K Empire is jerky, frame drops as well as running the game very slowly and the second problem is the network speed to play 4K Empire , a high ping causes a delay for the match.

Currently, Microsoft is still gathering opinions and it seems that they are not very interested in those who register to play the 4K Empire test, maybe we have to wait for the official version, the 4K Empire play errors Shock, lag will be resolved. But any problem has its own solution and case Register to play Empire 4K If the test is jerky or lag, please follow our guide below for a temporary fix.

How to fix the problem of 4K Empire playing jerky, lag

1. Download the latest driver for VGA

The problem of playing 4K Empire is jerky, frame reduction is partly because your VGA has not been updated to the latest version to be compatible with the 4K Empire game. To identify in addition to gaming jerks, reduce the frame, you can see it through 4K Empire gaming, dropped frames, jerky images or something like faulty fonts.

fix the 4k game lag 2

Faulty fonts are hard to see and recognize.

fix the 4k game lag lag 3

Although the game supports Vietnamese, you will not see any words clearly.

fix the 4k game lag 4

Although the 4K Empire version is upgraded quite a lot of features, the configuration is not high, but you still need a discrete VGA to play the 4K Empire and to handle the 4K Empire playing error. recommends that you update the latest VGA to your computer.

– If you are using an Nvidia VGA, please read how update Nvidia card here.

– If you are using VGA ATi AMD can see how update ATi Card AMD here.

2. Activate Best performance mode

On laptops running Windows 10 or earlier operating systems, there are three modes Better Batery (good for the battery) Better Performance and Best Performance. In Better Batery mode every task will be slowed down a bit, which means that your CPU and GPU are also reduced in this mode, this can also be a cause of 4K Empire playing error. .

fix the 4k game lag lag 5

Best performance mode helps improve lag lag when playing 4K Empire

If you have a laptop running Windows 10, 8 or lower, activate it Best Performance mode to keep the system running at its peak, especially with Nvidia laptops as it has the ability to switch VGA types on its own.

3. Use optimal programs for the game

The problem of playing 4K Empire is jerky, lag may be due to your computer is not well optimized, if the usual ways do not make the condition of the machine better, you need to find more professional software to work. this.

And Game Fire is the choice to fix the problem of 4K Empire playing jerky, because this software will help you eliminate the processes that run when in Game Mode, to use you need to download Game Fire about the computer here.

Step 1: And then switch Windows 10 to Game Mode with Game Fire by pressing Go to Turn on Game Mode.

fix the 4k game lag lag 6

Step 2: Here Game Fire gives you the option to check on any software you want it to stop running during the game.

fix the 4k game lag lag 7

Immediately after that the number of stopped processes with the amount of RAM released was displayed. The more RAM that is defended, the more optimized Windows 10 is for gaming.

fix the 4k game lag 8

4. Reduce lag with WTFAST

Those are frame-related issues, but what about the 4K Empire playing lag issue, network lag? You also know that the server that plays 4K Empire is currently a test server so the quality is very poor. To overcome this situation, users need a software to improve their network speed and WTFast is the leading candidate for gamers who are playing games on foreign servers. Readers can refer to the way install WTFast to use and limit 4K Empire playing lag, lag.

Above are solutions to help players limit the error of 4K Empire playing jerky, lag. And as said above these issues will definitely be solved when the 4K Empire launches the official version, readers can wait until that time to be able to experience the 4K Empire more fully. .
During that time, besides playing the 4K Empire, we can also return to the familiar Empire version through installing GameTV Plus. Because now Garena no longer supports playing Empire, so if you want to play Empire online with friends, you must install GameTV Plus to play with the Empire server with my friends and other players.


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