How to fix USB Write Protected errors

One of the simplest ways to fix USB Write Protected errors is to remove the feature from your USB. Refer to the implementation below for more details.

Many people who encounter USB Write Protected errors often think that this is a hardware error and cannot be repaired. However, instead of spending money to buy a new USB, you can completely fix it by removing write protected USB.

How to fix USB Write Protected errors

Step 1: First you need to make sure that your USB is not infected by a virus. Use anti-virus software to scan through it first.

Step 2: Next, check if the USB has a lock protected function. If so, turn it off.

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Step 3: Next, you check the capacity of the USB by right clicking properties. Excessive capacity sometimes causes this phenomenon. Try deleting the unnecessary files and double checking.

Else write USB write protected

Step 4: Finally, check if the data has permission restrictions. If the file is in Read-only then you will get the same error.

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That’s 4 steps for you to fix USB write protected. If the 4 methods mentioned above still do not work, you should have someone with experience to test, or buy a new USB. Currently the price of USB is also quite cheap, only about 150k for 16GB USB 3.0 only. In addition, please refer to how to create Windows 8.1 installer from USB For more details.


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