How to fix Vietnamese errors on KaraFun Player, karaoke software on the computer

How to Fix Vietnamese errors on KaraFun Player helps you to use the Karaoke program on this computer with the Vietnamese interface completely. This will make it easier to manipulate the software instead of English.

Karafun Player is a tool to help you sing Karaoke on your computer or laptop with very good quality. However, this tool often has errors in Vietnamese fonts such as broken fonts or not displaying fonts … The following article, Taimienphi will guide you how to fix Vietnamese errors on Karafun Player.

How to fix Vietnamese errors on KaraFun Player

Vietnamese error handling on Karafun Player

If you do not have the program, download and install the latest version of KaraFun Player: Download Karafun Player

Installing KaraFun Player is extremely simple, just through a few simple installation steps, you can install KaraFun Player and use the program

Step 1: Click “Selection“, at tag”generality“Here you select some necessary tails like kpl, kfl, mp3 and mid …. then select Vietnamese language then Click “Agree

Development of Vietnamese on Karafun Player
Step 2: Switch to the Player tab and select Vietnamese in the Code page used section.
No Vietnamese language displayed on Karafun Player

Step 3: Switch to the card “How to sing” and select the font style is “Times New Roman” or VnTime, vntimes … Finally Click Ok to finish.

Loi font in Vietnamese on Karafun Player

Finally, check the results.
So with a few simple steps, you can fix Vietnamese errors on Karafun Player already.
In addition to Karafun Player, there are currently many software to support karaoke on computers such as Karaoke Anything, Vietnam Karaoke … depending on the needs you can use. Vietnam Karaoke Or Karafun Player to enjoy your voice as you can


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