How to fix WiFi error on Windows 10 1909

How to fix WiFi error on Windows 10 1909

On Windows 10, WiFi problems such as network connectivity, slow speeds, missing configurations, and wireless adapters do not work, seeming to be common problems users encounter when installing an feature updates, even after updating to Windows 10 version 1909. So is there a way to fix WiFi error on Windows 10 1909?

Wifi problems are often caused by driver compatibility, unexpected configuration changes or a specific error, which may be the result of a system change introduced in the new operating system version. However, sometimes there are many other factors that cause Wifi errors. For example, the network adapter driver may be damaged during the upgrade. You have not installed the latest driver, the previous drive version is not compatible with Windows 10 and more.

How to fix WiFi error on Windows 10 1909

Table of Contents:
1. Fix Wifi error using a word processor.
2. Fix Wifi error by resetting.
3. Update the driver.
4. Uninstall Windows 10.

If you are unable to connect to the Internet, the device randomly disconnects or the Internet speed is slow, here are some troubleshooting steps that you can apply to solve Wifi error on Windows 10 1909 after upgrading. .

1. Fix Wifi error using Network Adapter troubleshooter

Windows 10 has a troubleshooting tool in Settings to automatically fix most common wireless connection and network adapter issues. Follow these steps to use the Network Adapter troubleshooting tool:

– Open Settings on Windows 10.
– Click here Update & Security> Network Adapter> Run the troubleshooter.

how to fix wifi on windows 10 1909

– Select the network adapter you want to fix, such as Wi-Fi and click the button next.

how to fix wifi on windows 10 1909 2

The troubleshooting tool will detect and fix Wifi errors on your computer. Then open your web browser and try surfing the web. If everything works again, the problem is fixed. If not, you continue with the next method.

2. Fix Wifi error by resetting the network adapter

You can use the reset feature to remove and reinstall all network adapters on the computer. This process resets all network components and restores default settings. That can help fix slow network speeds and other Internet connection issues.

Reset the Wifi adapter on Windows 10 after installing the Windows 10 1909 update as follows:
– Open Settings, click on Network & Internet> Status> Network reset.

how to fix wifi on windows 10 1909 3

– Click the button Reset now.

how to fix wifi on windows 10 1909 4

– Click Yes> Close and restart the computer.

After resetting the network adapter, you need to reinstall the network software like the VPN application. Additionally, you will need to reconnect to any wireless network manually and retype the required password.

3. Update network adapter driver to fix Wifi error

In case you notice that the WiFi speed is too slow or there is a problem with connecting to the Internet, the cause may also be due to outdated network drivers. You can solve this problem by downloading and installing the latest driver from the network adapter manufacturer’s website.

how to fix wifi on windows 10 1909 5

Follow these simple steps to update the network adapter driver on Windows 10:
– Open Start, search Device Manager and click on the first result to open the application.
Branch extension Network adapters, right click Wi-Fi adapter and choose Update Driver Software.

how to fix wifi on windows 10 1909 6

– Click on the option Browse my computer for driver software.

how to fix wifi on windows 10 1909 7

– Click on the option Browse to locate the adapter driver.
– Tick the option Include subfolder and click next.

how to fix wifi on windows 10 1909 8

4. Uninstall Windows 10 1909

In the rare cases when you still have a problem with the connection, the most likely cause of Wifi error is the Windows 10 1909 update and you will probably need to wait until the new update is available. released. If you can’t wait, you can go back to previous versions of Windows 10.

Besides the above instructions, users should also check the adapter settings in Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network Connections and open the window Properties of the adapter. Don’t forget to always reboot the adapter to see if that solves the problem of slow network speeds and connection issues.
Here are ways to fix Wifi on Windows 10 1909, but you can use the steps on all supported operating systems to fix Wifi loss. To protect the security of our wifi connection, we should change the wifi password regularly to replace it with special and unpredictable characters and detection of wifi pass detection tools, how to change wifi password Also very simple, not too complicated.


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