How to fix Word whitespace errors when typing Vietnamese

You are drafting a document and are experiencing Word whitespace error when typing Vietnamese, you are struggling with unknown causes and what will have to be done to handle the simple tips below will help a lot for you.

Word space errors or space errors when typing Vietnamese sometimes you will encounter often due to the following two causes:

first, because your Vietnamese keyboard (Unikey, VietKey) on your computer has an error or the configuration is not correct.
Monday, may be caused by the automatic spacing feature in the Word application.


The following image shows the Word file with corrupted spaces:

how to make mistakes of word layout when writing Vietnamese 2

To fix this problem you can handle the following:

1. Reconfigure Unikey to fix white space errors in Word 2016

This method only applies to Unicode users to correct internal space errors Word 2016.

Step 1: You click on the toolbox on the Windows Taskbar. Then right click on the icon Unikey –> select Dashboard This is the Unikey’s processing center.

how to make mistakes of word layout when writing Vietnamese 3

Step 2: In the interface Unikey, click Extend to extend options for the application.

how to make mistakes of word layout when writing Vietnamese 4

You uncheck the option Always use clipboard for Unicode.

how to make mistakes of word layout when writing Vietnamese 5

Step 3: Finally, you click Closed Then return to Word and start typing Vietnamese to check the results.

how to make mistakes of word layout when writing Vietnamese 6

If successful, when you retype Vietnamese, there will be no more spaces. In case if you follow the instructions but still cannot handle, even if you have reinstalled the Unikey program, you follow the Section 2 down here.

2. Reconfigure Word Options to fix errors of spaces, correct errors of jumping words and words in Word.

To fix the space error in Word when typing Vietnamese or some of you also call this a space error, jump in Word, you will have to change options in the Word Options of the software.

Basically this error is caused by the default software which automatically turns on the distance between words and sentences. So to fix whitespace errors in Word, you will have to turn off this mode to be successful.

If you are using Word 2016, 2013 or even lower versions such as 2010, 2007, 2003, you can see how to Fix word spacing errors in Word which has guided to overcome will be successful.

You see, whitespace errors in Word The reason is that setting the auto-spacing and sentence feature in Word makes the application automatically jump and create spaces in Word, so you just need to adjust Word Options as instructed to be successful. In case of Unikey, you can adjust the configuration, even reinstall the software. In addition, the way to remove spaces between words in words is done the same way

In addition, in Unikey, if you use the shortcut feature in Word, it can lead to space errors in Word. If this is the case then turn off the function Type AutoCorrect in Unikey to fix is ​​finished.
Good luck!


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