How to force the application to use a specific CPU

With instructions to force application using a CPU in this article we mention, you will learn an extremely good way about using computers as well as applications, software on the computer so that the most reasonable.

With generation computer, laptop now own much stream, much core is very normal. And when running the application, if you notice, you will see when opening any application will be divided by the streams to run faster, how many threads or cores a machine we have to check the computer configuration to know, there are many ways to check different computer configurations, however, you can use specialized software to check Check like CPU Z if you’re not a pro, CPU Z software supports displaying hardware information in the most detailed way

But instead of running all Virtual CPU then why not force the application to use a single CPU specified by you. Previously, I have shown you how to enable CPU virtualization in the BIOS to make better use of CPU memory, but enabling CPU virtualization in the BIOS is only partially supported. Simply because there are software or applications that are not too heavy or not necessary, it should not be given priority for all CPUs used together. This is a great feature on a computer that not everyone knows.

Instructions for pressing an application to use a CPU

Step 1: To be able to force the application to use a CPU first, click on the bar Taskbar choose Task Manager or open quickly with a key combination Ctrl + Alt + del.

how to use a cpu from the second cpu

Step 2: In the Task Manager window, select the software, the application you want to perform using a CPU as the title of the article, here takes the example of Photoshop CC 2015. 2015 software (Photoshop is the software when works for very large amounts of memory)

how to use a cpu from cpu 3

You just need to right click and select Go to details.

Step 3: In the section Details Click on the software to continue Photoshop.exe and choose affinity set.

how to use a cpu by using 4

Set affinity here is a feature that allows the application to use a CPU or more, depending on your choice.

how to use a cpu from the old 5

Step 4: In the section Processor affinity, you just Click on the CPU you want the app to use then select OK, got it is done, and the remaining CPUs will not run anymore, at least for this software.

How to use a cpu using the 6

So we have completed the task of squeezing the application using a CPU already, please note that never do this trick with heavy applications, games because it only makes your computer slower. In addition, having to choose the CPU for each application also takes a lot of time without saving laptop battery, you should only apply it to small apps, all types of apps, software running in the background. is an effective way to save laptop battery.
When using the computer, you should also pay attention to check the temperature of the CPU, always keep the CPU running at a stable level so that the system runs more smoothly, so How much CPU temperature is okay ? How to check CPU temperature? Invite you to follow the articles on Taimienphi to be answered offline.


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