How to format Tab in Word 2010

Tab format in Word 2010 is a way to help you align text more professionally, displaying documents as you like. To format Tab in Word 2010 quickly, you can follow the steps below.

Format Tab in Word is a feature that is applied for presentation in form documents, letters, contracts, financial statements … Tab helps to adjust margins, neat lines, create forms, input forms or standard contract and look better. For example, the dots on a text, you usually use the manual “.” on the keyboard to create extended lines of dots.

How to format Tab in Word 2010

However, this is very time consuming, and the dotted lines you create will be irregular. So now we need to use the Word Tab feature and specifically Word 2010, the content below Taimienphi will help you format the Tab in Word 2010 to create dotted lines on the text.

There are 3 main types of tabs used in Word that most commonly used by users, such as right-aligned tab, left-aligned tab and center-aligned tab.

– Left tab: The text at the tab position is aligned to the left – Left Tab
– Right tab: The text at the tab position is aligned to the right – Right Tab
– Center tab: The text at the tab position is centered evenly on the tab – Center Tab

How to format Tab in Word 2010

Step 1: Enter the first paragraph in the first line TABS → press the button TAB in Keyboard.

how to tab in word 2010

Step 2: Highlight the TAB paragraph → right click → Paragraph …

using tabs in word

Step 3: At the window Paragraph, select the button TABS

how to tab in word

How to create tabs in word 2010

Step 4: In the TABS window:

– In the Tab box stop position: enter the length of the tabs paragraph.
– In the selection Alignment: This is the margin for the next paragraph after tabs. Usually we choose Left (left wing), Center (center align) and Right (right wing).
– In the selection Leader: You select the type of tabs to display.
– Click OK, got it to complete.

tab in word 2016

After placing Tab in Word 2010, notice that in ruler bar at the end of tabs there will be tabs.

how to fix tab, start ..... in word 2010

If you want to make the tabs longer or shorter, simply drag the tabs to the appropriate places. The text behind the tabs will be aligned to the style you chose in the tabs dialog box. If you want to change just repeat the sequence of steps above to change it.

Above, we have shown you how to format Tab in Word 2010, this way you can optionally use Tab to format in the text or create long dotted lines easily with Tab tool. available in Word. Also, using Word 2010, you refer to the article rotate word page 2010 to be able to rotate any page from portrait to landscape and vice versa in word document 2010
In addition, Word 2010 has an interesting feature that is creating a Label, also known as creating mailing labels, so you can send a series of letters using data addresses from different sources. If you do not know about this feature, you can refer to the instructions Create Label on Word 2010 that we have shared before.


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