How to format tabs in Excel

How to format tabs in Excel

How to set up tab formats in Excel has many of the same operations as the tab formatting procedure in Word that Taimienphi has done before, this article will show the steps for you to format tabs in Excel quickly. and the most accurate.

Excel unlike Word and its main function Excel is processing spreadsheets. This is an application in the Microsoft Office suite of Microsoft software designed to help record, present processing information in tabular form, perform calculations and build visual statistics in the table. from Excel.

Format tips tab in Excel

Instructions for formatting tabs in Excel

With such a main function, of course in Excel there is no tab format feature like when you use with MS Word. However, due to the specific work and you want to format the tab in Excel, you can follow the instructions below.

Suppose you need to create “.” In the answer section as shown below, follow these steps:

how to tab in excel 2

Step 1: At the umbrella B6 Enter the formula: =A2 & “……….” -> You can enter more “…” signs if you want.

how to tab in excel 3

Step 2: Press Enter To display the result as shown below:

how to tab in excel 4

With the above operation, you have created dots like tab format when working in Word.

You can also put “…” in front of you -> then you need to enter the formula: =“……….” & A2. Results after you type and press Enter:

how to tab in excel 5

Different ways, you can also use Format Cells To create data type: 123 ……….

To create this style, select the cell you need to format the tab and then enter Format Cells (or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 1) -> select tab Number (1) -> and then select Custom (2).

how to tab in excel 6

In the box Type you type: ………. -> then press select OK, got it.

how to tab in excel 7

As a result, when you return to the Excel spreadsheet, you type 123 then press Enter will display as shown below:

how to tab in excel 8
This tutorial has just helped you know how Format internal tab Excel using formulas and tools Format Cells on Excel. You depend on the nature of your work as well as your needs to choose the most appropriate format. Also, if you are using the Word 2010 version, see how details Tab format in Word 2010 we shared to know how to do it. Good luck!


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