How to format USB, USB format software effectively, with instructions

The USB Format is considered as one of the ways to fix the error of inaccessibility of peripheral devices such as memory cards, USB to be able to use applications on Windows normally and stably. How to Format USB with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool with the following steps.

The best software, Format USB applications

first.HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool: Pros: Free, USB Format fast and easy.

2. WinSetupFromUSB: Format USB and have the function of booting the computer into the DOS environment. Provide free for users. Download WinSetupFromUSB about computers.

3. BootFlashDos: Quick format for USB, create USB boot disk in DOS environment and save lost data even if it can’t access to Windows operating system. Download BootFlashDos about computers.

4. Gparted: Reformat USB, this software is only for Linux operating system and is provided free of charge to users. Use GParted You can Format USB quickly and effectively.

5.SD Formatter: Reformat USB, memory card effectively effective. However use SD Formatter A little more complicated.

User manual Format USB software

Format USB with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

Step 1: Download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version of this section to install here: HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

Step 2: Install the software on the computer. You just need to click Next and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Insert the USB stick into the computer and boot HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool will have the interface as shown below.

how to format usb

Step 4: Set FAT / FAT 32 / NTFS parameters in the box File System.

Quick Format: Fast format,

Create a DOS startup disk: Create bootable files into DOS environment.

Step 5: After setup is complete, click Start to start USB Fomat.

Step 6: A warning will be displayed if you agree with it then Click “Yes ” if not Click “No ” (Picture below).

USB firmware distribution

Step 7: Wait until it is completed to have a USB bootable computer
So we showed you how to format a USB with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool software with just a few simple steps. In addition to protecting the USB from Virus, you should install and use the best USB protection software available in


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