How to get free General Ata Lien Quan Mobile

Accompanied with survival games PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, the blockbuster MOBA game Mobile Lien is also very interested in attention. That’s why players are constantly scrolling to get free rewards, or attractive deals.

Starting February 28, 2020, gamers Vietnam Mobile Alliance have a chance to own a champion Ata With just a few simple steps, the legend of Pirate No. 92 Lien Lien Mobile has the ability to create extremely terrifying artificial terrain, quite magical moves that the enemy cannot escape.

New Hero Ata Lien Quan Mobile – Legend No. 92 is coming soon

How to recognize General Ata Lien Quan Mobile

Cat Ata Lien Mobile Mobile is the general that many gamers are waiting for because the new set of skills scares the enemy. When Ata loses health, it activates the virtual blood state and allows him to heal by attacking the enemy, the higher the damage, the faster the healing speed.

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Gamers who log in on February 28, 2020 can receive Gen. Ata Lien Quan Mobile in a variety of ways:
– Receive General Ata Lien Quan Mobile by opening a Golden Chest.
– In addition, if you do not like the “red and black” form, you can also use gold directly purchased General Ata Lien Mobile Mobile for the price of 18,888 Gold and 289 Quan Huy for the combo skin + Avarta + Frame.

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According to the data collected by Taimienphi, General Ata Lien Quan Mobile can play in many positions by his skill set, mid lane solo or assistant thanks to the ability to effectively control long range. Last move Octopus General Ata Lien Mobile caused damage to the designated side and summoned a giant artificial boat in 4s, no one could pass through this boat.

Hopefully, the above information will help you soon own the 92nd legendary general of Mobile Union, the cat Ata with the anchor. Do not forget to regularly participate Play Round 12 Lien Lien Mobile To collect other attractive rewards, okay?
– Link to download Android version: Liên Quân Mobile for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Liên Liên Mobile for iPhone


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