How to get Idol Gems in Free Fire

The Idol Gem in Free Fire is an important item that gives players the opportunity to own a collection of 7 BTS outfits. So there are ways to earn Idol Gems in Free Fire.

Free Fire With events featuring the idol group BTS has been officially launched, giving players many opportunities to own rare items. Among them, the collection of 7 costumes in the game is probably the one that many players want to own the most. To get these skins, players need to use the Idol Gem (BTS Crystal) to spin the wheel of fortune and receive any reward.

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Instructions to get Idol Gems in Free Fire

I. How to get Idol Gems in Free Fire

The easiest way to get Idol Gems in Free Fire is to buy them directly in Free Fire’s store. Players need to spend 999 diamonds to be able to enter the shop, then follow these steps to buy Idol Gems:

Step 1: Go to the in-game store and select thường (regular), then select item Item (items).
Step 2: Select item Idol Pearl and press Purchase (Purchase).

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Step 3: A dialog box will appear for the player to confirm the payment. Here, you can use more discount codes to be able to buy Gems at a more favorable price.

After confirmation, the money in the game account will be deducted and you can immediately own the Idol Gem. However, the player can only buy this gem in the shop.

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II. How to use Idol Gems in Free Fire

With Idol Gem, you will have the opportunity to own 7 BTS costumes in the game.

First, you need to open the Get BTS Outfits section (get BTS costumes) in the section FF . gene. After that, all you need to do is use the Idol Gem to spin the prize and get any skin.

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III. Another way to get Idol Gems in Free Fire

1. Neon Stick Tokens (Neon Lights)

Players can earn Neon Stick Tokens while playing in CS mode and Lone Wolf in the Battle Royale map. These tokens can be used to exchange for various rewards, including banners, avatars, voucher codes, and more.

free 7 call bts call in free fire

After April 2, 2022, players will officially be able to exchange Neon Stick Tokens for Idol Gems. In the redemption section, this type of Gem is much more valuable than other items because it will give players the opportunity to own in-game outfits.

2. Use 2000 diamonds

Another way to get Idol Gems in Free Fire is to use 2000 diamonds to buy in the store, to use for in-game events, or to spin the lucky wheel (Luck Royale).

First, you need to go to event (events) in Free Fire and select the item Earn BTS Crystal (earn Idol Gem) under FF . gene.

Next, tap Claim button next to Crystal to receive rewards.

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3. Moco Store

Moco Store (the Moco store) is where players can get costumes, Gloo Walls (skill Wall Glue), and skins for weapons. However, recently Free Fire has added BTS Tokens as a kind of reward in Moco Store.

free fire free fire

Players can use this currency to spin prizes, and choose the Idol Gem for a chance to receive free BTS skins. In addition, you can get all 6 rewards in Moco Store for spending about 834 diamonds.
The above are ways to help you collect Idol Gems in Free Fire. hopes that you will be able to use them effectively and have interesting moments of entertainment with this shooting game.

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