How to get trident MINECRAFT

Minecraft is an open world game with lots of things that you can do and create here, in Minecraft there is extremely diverse weapon system and Taimienphi will show you how to get trident in Minecraft

MINECRAFT There are countless unique weapons created by the player along with the game publisher, and in version 1.13 a new weapon has been released with a lot of community eagerness, which is the trident.

How to get trident MINECRAFT

Introducing the trident weapon

Trident is a new weapon appeared in MINECRAFT from version 1.13 and only this version you can own this equipment. The trident has an attack power of 9, higher than the diamond sword which is also a very popular weapon at MINECRAFT. Trident when attacking objects will be 5 hearts not counted witchcraft. When using a trident to launch it away, it will be halved to 4.5 hearts

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How to own a trident?

The trident will endure up to 251, a fairly high endurance in MINECRAFT. If you want to own a trident, you need to defeat the opponent while underwater and there is a 2.5% chance of dropping a trident so you can own. The rate is quite low, so if you want to increase the rate of picking up the trident, you can squeeze more to increase the percentage of picking up this weapon. The trident will work extremely well in the water unlike the bow, a weapon specifically used for underwater attacks.

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Using a trident in the water will be extremely advantageous to attack the enemy. You can not pick up the trident of others thrown in the water, you have to knock them down to have a chance to get trident. The trident will maximize its effectiveness in the water, making it easier to hunt fish and attack other people in the water. The appropriate spell for Trident is Trung Thanh, it will help trident automatically fly back after you throw no matter what.
Above is the introduction and ownership Trident in MINECRAFT, an extremely popular underwater weapon of MINECRAFT from version 1.13. MineCraft gamers have many ways to play better such as coordination, using code, beautiful skins, … In particular, MineCraft codes are the most used by gamers, you can refer to the MineCraft code here.


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