How to ghost windows 10 with onkey, usb, norton ghost does not need the disk

Instead of installing win 10, you can follow the way ghost win 10 with onkey, usb, norton ghost to save time. With the steps below, you already know how to ghost win 10 by USB, Onkey …

Microsoft has just launched the latest version of Windows 10 Creators Update with many new features updated besides a series of upgrades and bug fixes in the previous version, using Windows 10 Creators Update you will have many new experiences. More interesting, suitable for many popular models today. If you’re using Windows 7 and want to use the Windows 10 Creators Update, install Windows 10 Creators Update with USB instead of DVD as before, just go to Taimienphi to download the Windows 10 Creators Update ISO file and burn to USB. . I wish you success offline.

How to ghost windows 10 with onkey, usb, norton ghost does not need the disk

Back to this article, just like Windows 7 Full and Windows 8, installing Windows 10 ISO on your computer is a time-consuming task. Instead, you should refer to and perform ghost windows 10 ways that will take less time than finding and using the time-consuming ways to install windows 10 and if you don’t know how, you may delete all data. in your computer’s hard drive.

1. Tools to be prepared.
1.1.Create USB Boot using Grub4dos.
2. Ghost Win 10 guide.
2.2. How to enter Boot Option.
3. How to win Ghost 10 from hard drive.
4. How to Ghost Win 8, 7.

How to ghost windows 10 with onkey, usb, norton ghost

In the article below, will guide you how ghost Windows 10 by USB. This is the method used by many people because of its effectiveness.

1. Tools to be prepared:

  • USB capacity ≥ 1Gb.
  • Software Hiren BootCD (with all versions)
  • Software Grub4dos
  • Ghost Windows 10 Set: Download File Ghost Win 10.

Download Ghost Win 10 Pro 64bit
Download Ghost Win 10 Pro 32bit

1.1. Create USB Boot with Grub4dos

Install Hiren Boot on USB with Grub4dos (In addition to Grub4dos, there are many other programs that support installing and creating other USB Boot).

If you do not know how to create it, refer to it Create USB Boot with Grub4dos

2. Ghost Win 10 guide

First, you need to connect the USB containing the Windows 10 ghost to the device and reboot. Note: To ensure the most efficient and stable connection, you should plug the usb into the port at the back. After the computer restarts, you need to access Boot Option to access USB Hiren Boot in DOS environment.

2.2 How to access Boot Options and Bios

For each different computer line, there will be different ways to access Boot Option. If you do not know, you can refer to the article quickly Shortcuts to Boot Option and BIOS of computer lines. Or you can press all the keys from F1 – F12, Del, … to try. After entering the Boot Option, you choose to boot the computer with USB. In the example below, Taimienphi chooses the USB HDD: Kingston DataTraveler 2.0

ghost win 10

At this time, the system will automatically run USB Hiren Boot, in the first screen that appears, select Dos Programs.

ghost window 10 bang usb

You choose Backup Tools ….

ghost win 10 bang usb

Choose Norton Ghost

ghost windows 10 hiren boot

Choose Ghost (Normal)

ghost windows 10, ghost win 10 usb, ghost windows 10 hiren boot

Choose OK, got it

ghost win 10

Next you choose Local> Partition> From Image as in the picture.

ghost windows 10

Now you choose the path to the ghost file Windows 10 saved on your computer and then press Open to open.

ghost windows 10 64bit

You choose the hard drive to extract the ghost file.

ghost windows 10 32bit

Next, select the partition to extract the ghost file. Note do not select the partition to store data because you will lose all data after the ghost.

ghost windows 10

Click Yes to continue.

ghost windows 10 32bit 64 bit

The ghost file extraction process will take place.

ghost ghost 10 win onkey, usb, norton ghost no need dia

After the ghost is successful, Norton Ghost will display a notice. You choose Reset Computer to restart the computer.

how to ghost windows 10 64bit

Final result.

cach ghost windows 10 bang usb

So just introduced to you how to ghost Windows 10 via USB with the help of Hiren Boot. During the ghost process, you should pay attention to errors arising, because even a small error can lead to the operating system when the error occurs.

3. Ghost Win 10 from the hard drive

In addition to how to Ghost Windows 10 with usb, you can also ghost win 10 from hard drive To not have to install and use USB, in case the drive is corrupted as well as no USB, then this is how ghost windows 10 is effective for you.

4. How to ghost Win 8, 7

On Win 8 you also have a lot how to ghost win 8, choose for yourself the most suitable way to effectively ghost win 8 your little time. Currently, there are many ghost windows 8 containing many copyright software, you can refer to and download on the internet for ghost files for mihf

If you use Windows 7, you are well supported how to ghost win 7 without having to reinstall the operating system, then having to reinstall all the programs from scratch will take your time.
Currently Windows XP is gradually being forgotten by the current number of users is quite small. However, those who are using Windows XP can still how to ghost win xp in normal ways to avoid having to reinstall your Windows XP.


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