How to Ghost Windows 11 on computers and laptops

How to Ghost Windows 11 on computers and laptops

The way ghost Windows 11 is always the most popular method today to save time instead of installing Windows 11 as usual, you can use USB or Onekey Ghost software that supports Ghost Win 11 without having to to use the disc, the specific steps are as follows.

Normally after installing Windows 11 on your computer, it will take you a while for the computer to update the driver, or install the new Office software yourself … For that reason, users often use it. How to ghost Windows 11 To save time, backup data to skip these steps.

How to ghost Win 11 with USB Boot, Onkey Ghost

I. Advantages of Ghost Win 11
II. Link to download Ghost Windows 11
III. Guide Ghost Windows 11
1. How to Ghost Win 11 with Onkey Ghost (easiest)
2. How to Ghost Windows 11 with USB Boot

I. Advantages of using Ghost Windows 11

– Fast, simple, and time-saving installation of new Windows 11
– No need to use disc, directly Ghost Windows 11 on USB or software
– Ghost Windows 11 version automatically receives drivers, optimizes, and tweaks to suit all types of computers or laptops.
– Suitable for gamers, offices, graphic designers, ….
– Integrate hunting the most popular software such as Office, Chrome, Coc Coc…

II. Link to download Ghost Windows 11 Pro

File Ghost Win 11 Pro 64bit

III. How to Ghost Windows 11 on PC, Laptop

1. Using Onekey Ghost Windows 11 software
Step 1: Load Onekey Ghost Standard version here.
Step 2: Click right mouse to enter Onekey Ghost choose Run as Administrator.

how to ghost windows 11

Step 3: Choose Restore and press Open find file Ghost Windows 11.

how to ghost windows 11

– Click file Ghost Windows 11 => press the button Open.

how to ghost windows 11

Step 4: Next you choose hard drive wants to extract Ghost Windows 11 (usually C drive) => press Yes => Yes Next, the system will automatically extract Ghost Win 11. The system does everything automatically, your job is just to wait until you enter the main Windows 11 screen.

how to ghost windows 11 pro 64bit

2. Ghost Windows 11 with USB
Step 1: Create bootable USB with DLC Boot 2017 standard version here, can refer to the instructions below if you don’t know how to do it.

Reference: How to create USB boot using DLC ​​Boot 2017

Step 2: Next, restart your computer, press the shortcut to enter Boot Menu => choose USB yours at the list.
– Usually, common, normal Shortcuts to Boot Option and BIOS of computer lines will F2, F9 or F12. Depending on the BIOS you are using, there are separate shortcuts.

how to ghost windows 11 pro 64bit

Step 3: At interface Boot Menu 2017, you choose Backup or Restore => press Norton Ghost in the next table.

how to ghost windows 11 64bit

Step 4: When the Norton Ghost blue screen appears, select Local => Partition => From Image => find and select files Ghost Windows 11 downloaded above => click Open.

how to ghost windows 11 pro

Step 5: You choose select hard drive (depending on the drive capacity to avoid choosing the wrong drive, mistakenly moving to another drive) => click OK.
– If the computer has 2 or more hard drives, you must choose the correct Windows 11 ghost drive to avoid data loss when Ghost is mistaken.

how to ghost windows 11 pro

Step 6: Choose hard drive partition (usually the default Windows installation drive will be C drive) => click OK => press Yes in the next table.
– Note: All data in this hard drive partition will be erased and lost. So you need to make sure it is a Windows 11 installation drive and does not contain important data inside.

how to ghost windows 11

After clicking Yes, Norton Ghost will proceed to extract the ghost file on the computer partition you selected earlier, this process can take place from 5 to 10 minutes, the system automatically reboots after it’s done. The interface after extracting your Windows 11 ghost will look like the illustration below.

how to ghost windows 11
Thus, you and Taimienphi have just come together to learn about how to ghost windows 11 on computers and laptops with Onekey Ghost and USB Boot. Also you can create USB install Windows 11 with Rufus and then install completely new windows, windows 11 have not installed any soft or software.


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