How to ghost Windows 8.1 with USB, not using a disc

How many Windows 8.1 ghosts have been selected by many to help the operating system become easier. If you are installing a Windows 8.1 operating system, want Ghost, let’s refer to the tutorial article below of

Like other Windows operating systems, Windows 8.1 operating system we also have many different ways Ghost. Like using a Boot disk, using USB Ghost or Gost with Oneykey software right on your hard drive. Basically, the Ghost operating system is the same except that we use it in any way. Here I will guide you Ghost Win 8.1 by using USB.

How to ghost Windows 8.1

Guide ghost Windows 8.1 with USB, do not use the disc

To start Ghost win 8.1 you need to prepare some of the following tools:

– USB minimum capacity of 1GB
– Software Hiren Boot
– Software Grub4dos
– File Ghost Windows 8.1: File Ghost Win 8.1

Steps to perform Ghost Windows 8.1:

Step 1: To use USB for Ghost first you need to create USB Boot. If you do not know how to create USB Boot, please refer to the tutorial Create USB Boot with Grub4dos

Step 2: After creating the USB Boot, you perform the USB connection to the computer and set up the Boot operating system from USB (in case your computer does not boot from USB). Here we will have to set in BIOS mode. Depending on the model we have different ways to enter the BIOS. Normally you press one of the keys like Del, F8, F10 and then on the Boot tab, select Firt Boot as USB Device.

ghost windows 8 1

Step 3: Hiren Boot screen appears you do the sequence according to the steps below:

ghost windows 8 1

ghost windows 8 1

ghost win 8 1

ghost windows 8 1

Step 4: Click on the item Local and choose Partition Next choose From Image

ghost windows 8 1

Step 5: Find the path to the folder containing File Ghost Win 8.1 and then press Open to open.

ghost windows 8 1

Step 6: Select the drive to extract ghost file

ghost windows 8 1

Step 7: After selecting the hard drive, you need to select the hard drive partition for Ghost and then press OK, got it

ghost windows 8 1

Step 8: When there are notifications you choose Yes To confirm

ghost windows 8 1

Step 9: After pressing Yes The program will conduct Ghost to your computer, wait for a few minutes and then restart the computer to access Windows 8.1 operating system. And here is the result

ghost windows 8 1
So we have shown you how to Ghost Windows 8.1 using USB Boot. In case your computer fails to connect to USB or no USB. We can use it in other ways such as using a Boot CD or Ghost directly from the hard drive. Especially, the Ghost from hard drive is now used quite popular by the utility that it brings. Details how Ghost from hard drive you can refer here. Good luck.


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