How to ghost Windows by software

If your operating system has a virus error, the first thing you often think about reinstalling the operating system, but reinstalling is very time-consuming because you have to install more applications, then install Driver …

Onekey Ghost is a software that helps you Ghost the operating system on the computer whenever it fails, thereby saving a lot of time compared to reinstalling the operating system, here would like to guide you to use Onekey Ghost to Ghost the operating system every time they fail.

Prepare: Ghost file in the computer, if not already, proceed

Ghost Win 10 set

Download Ghost Win 10 Pro 64bit
Download Ghost Win 10 Pro 32bit

Ghost Win 7 set

Download Ghost Win 7 64bit
Download Ghost Win 7 32bit

Ghost Win 8 set

Download Ghost Win 8 64bit
Download Ghost Win 8 32bit

Ghost Win XP set

Download Ghost Win XP SP3

Guide Ghost Windows with software

Step 1: You download Onekey Ghost to install on the computer. Download Onekey Ghost

– After downloading the computer, you will extract a folder named OneKey Ghost that you run File OneKey.EXE

Step 2: In a few seconds, the program will list information about the drive and the Ghost files that you saved earlier on the hard drive.

* If your computer has not saved any Ghost files then you will proceed to create Ghost files always in case the operating system fails by: Check the box BackUp, then select the path to save Ghost File, next you Click Yes Let the program run a backup for you too.

– When notified you Click Yes to boot the computer and a backup will take place.

* If your computer already has Ghost file saved, leave Ghost on your computer again Step 2. Here you select Restore then select File Ghost saved in the computer and select the partition to restore then you Click Yes. The program will automatically restore your operating system in a short period of time.

– After Click Yes The program will automatically Ghost back your computer on drive C: You just have to wait for a short period of time to have results.
The above article has shown you how to Ghost the Windows operating system again using the software Onekey GhostIt is simple and fast, isn’t it. Using the software you will not need to waste time reinstalling the operating system whenever it fails.


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