How to hide albums, "sensitive photos" in Android photo gallery

How to hide albums, “sensitive photos” in Android photo gallery

All photos you take with your smartphone are stored in the device’s photo library. Sometimes it’s pictures containing confidential information, personal ideas or simply funny pictures that you don’t want others to see. So how do they become your own photos? The following article of will guide you some basic tools and applications to hide photos on Android, and follow along.

How to hide albums, “sensitive photos” in Android photo gallery

Table of Contents:
I. Basic tools to hide photos.
II. Common ways to hide private photos.
1. Create a new folder.
2. Create a .nomedia file.
3. 3rd party application to hide photos on Android.

I. Basic tools for hiding photos

The two major Android phone makers, Samsung and LG, each have security tools that can help hide photos.

1. Samsung

If you are using a Samsung phone running Android 7.0 Nougat or above, you can use the secure folder feature (Security Folder). This feature allows you to hide private files, photos and applications with a password.

To enable the feature Secure Folder, access to Apps => Settings = Lock screen and security => Secure Folder. However, you need to be logged into your Samsung account to do this.

After signing in, select your preferred lock method. After this activation, Secure Folder will be accessed from the screen Home and Apps. To hide photos, open the newly opened Secure Folder application and select Add Files.

2. LG

Compared to how to hide private photos on Samsung, the process on LG is a little different. To hide pictures, go to Settings (Settings) =>Fingerprints and Security =>Content Lock. Now choose 1 of the following 3 security methods: PIN, password or fingerprint scan.

After deciding on a security method, open your phone’s default photo gallery, then select all the photos you want to hide and go to Menu => More => Lock. Also by this way you can also lock the entire image if desired.

Note: Not all devices have Content Lock.

II. Common ways to hide private photos

Use File Manager to hide photos in Gallery

If you don’t use a Samsung or LG phone, you can still hide your photos, but the process is more complicated. You can use the File manager application or a third party tool to hide the image.

Here’s how to activate the File manager application:

first. Create a new folder

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After installing the file manager, open it. You need to create a new folder. Next, move all the photos you want to hide into this new folder. The way to transfer photos varies depending on the application, but generally you need to press and hold the file you want to transfer and choose the option. All moving files will no longer be available in the photo gallery application.

Before you start creating new dialogs, you need to install a high-quality file manager application on your phone. There are many ways to do that, refer to these Best File management software for Android on the store CH Play.

After installing the app, open it and then create a new folder with a name starting with a dot, for example .PrivateFiles good .Secret

Next, move all the hidden images to the newly created folder. Any files you have transferred will no longer appear in the image library.

2. Create a .nomedia file

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If the number of photos you need to hide is up to hundreds, it is convenient if you can transfer them at the same time. That’s when the .nomedia file comes into play.

To create this file, you need a 3rd party file manager application to move the folder you want to hide and create a new .nomedia file. This file does not need content just the file name.

To reverse the above process, just delete the .nomedia file and you’re done.

Note: While both ways help hide content from the original image library, those images can still appear in any file manager application because they don’t have password management.

3. 3rd party application to hide photos on Android

If creating a file management application is difficult and cumbersome, you can change to one way that is to use a 3rd party application to hide photos.

You refer to some applications below:

+ Vaulty

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Vaulty is the leading photo-hiding app with hundreds of thousands of positive user reviews on Google Play.

This application contains a separate image store. All content in the image store is password-protected, in addition to photos this application also performs audio backup so if you have lost your phone, do not worry because this application is quite secure.

– Download Vaulty for Android here.

+ Keepsafe Vault

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Keepsafe Vault is Vaulty’s biggest rival. The feature set of these two applications is quite similar, it also protects photos with password and encryption, you can backup your photos to the app’s cloud storage.

This app has a different feature that allows you to hide the application icon on the screen, meaning that if you lose your phone, other users will not discover the application running in the background.

In addition, it also features Snapchat-esque self-destruct, which means that photos can be deleted after 20 seconds with other users using the application.

– Download the Keepsafe Vault software here: Download Keepsafe Vault for Android.

+ Hide Something

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Hide Something is another permanent photo hiding application on Android. You can hide photos with your PIN and password, all your photos will be backed up on Google Drive.

This app also has a few unique features. First, you can save any file or folder on your phone to its repository using the share menu. Second, the application will not display in your list of recently used applications.

– Download Hide Something software here: Download Hide Something for Android.

+ LockMyPix

LockMyPix uses advanced AES encryption standards to hide unlimited number of photos or videos on Android phones or tablets.

Some of the app’s outstanding features include how to create an archive with its own PIN, support for photos on SD cards, encrypted backup and support for GIF images.

– Download the LockMyPix software here: Download LockMyPix for Android.
The above is a summary of ways to hide photos on Android. Samsung and LG have their own tools and other devices use the 3rd add-on tool. Hopefully the article has helped you to hide some unwanted photos in your gallery. In addition, if you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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