How to hide birthday notifications on Facebook

Hiding birthday notifications on Facebook is a way for you to “hide” your birthdays with relatives and friends and limit boring birthday wishes as mandatory on the wall on this day. So how to do it? The following article on how to hide birthday notifications on facebook will be an effective solution for you to start “privacy policy” with your personal Facebook account.

As you know, birthday notification on Facebook is one of the pretty features that help people easily remember and send birthday wishes to their friends on Facebook. However, there are also many ideas that this birthday notification feature makes many people feel annoyed and bored by meaningless wishes that people “attach” to the personal page of I’m like being forced to do like Hpbd, SNVV, happy birthday, Happy Birthday …

Hide notifications, birthdays on Facebook

By default, this feature is set when you select the mode of sharing the birth date with people or friends. But if you don’t want anyone to know your birthday and your birthday notices to everyone, hide birthdays on Facebook and turn off this notification go through the tutorial article shortly.

1. Press notification on the computer
2. Hide the notification on the phone

Guide to hide birthday notifications on Facebook

1. How to hide birthday notifications on Facebook by computer
Step 1:
First you log into your Facebook account

Security notice of birthdays on Facebook

Step 2: You choose “Update information” or choose “Introduce”

All birthday notices on Facebook

Step 3: Choose “Basic information and contact”. Next you will select on the date, month, year of birth and edit.
You can customize the personal information in this section.

How to safely birthday on Facebook

Step 4: For no one to see your date of birth, click “Only me” to hide the birthday from everyone and your birthday notifications will no longer be visible

how to update birthday on Facebook

In addition, you can also choose whether or not to share information about your birthday with specific people or groups of people by selecting the item “Custom”

how to secure birthdays on Facebook

Next you can change and edit in the section “Customize privacy”

how to update birthday on Facebook

2. How to hide birthday notifications on Facebook by phone
Recently, Taimienphi has instructed how to hide birthday notifications on Facebook by computer. If using the phone you can follow the same or see a detailed description of how to do it Here.

So perfect way hide birthday notifications on Facebook. You no longer have to worry about your personal Facebook wishes. For those who really care and remember your birthday, even if you do not turn on notifications on Facebook, they can still send SMS or call to wish you happy birthday. Also, if you want to hide your birthday, why not try to change your birthday on Facebook, the way to change birthday on Facebook is quite simple, and you can change it to any day of the year.
Along with that, the Zalo application is currently quite popular with users, in which the software also supports the birthday reminder function of friends on notifications. However, this function also makes many users feel annoying, so how to hide birthday notifications on Zalo will be a useful trick to help you eliminate this discomfort and be more comfortable in the past. Process of interacting with people.


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