How to hide / show folders / folders in Windows 10

If you have important personal data files and want to restrict your viewers, it is best to hide them by hiding the folder containing the file. Similar to other previous Windows operating systems, hiding and showing folders / folders in Windows 10 is quite simple with just a few steps that Taimienphi shares below. Interested readers, please follow along.

If you have important personal data stored on your computer and do not want to be able to access it by others, we will help you to hide it with a utility available on Windows 10. Please

In addition, you can also download Hide Folders, Folder Lock ….. and lots of specialized software to hide or lock that folder. Folder protection is about protecting your important data and also protecting users’ computers

* Download Hide Folders
* Download Folder Lock

How to hide / show folders / folders in Windows 10

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WayOpen Folder Optionswith each type of Windows

Hide the folder / Folder

Step 1: Right-click on the folder to hide Properties

Step 2: At the card General Click on it Hidden then select Ok, got it

Show Folder / Folder

Step 1: Access to “This PC“, at the tag View you click Options, then click “Change folder and search options

Step 2: At window Folder Options click “Show hidden files, folders, and drives“then select Ok, got it.
So with the above instructions, you can customize and hide folders and folders on Windows 10 easily and quickly. However, in this way, you will encounter many folders that you have never seen before, such as $ GetCurrent and $ SysReset, these are the two folders that appear when you install Windows and Refresh the system. , to learn more, you can refer to the article about $ GetCurrent and $ SysReset to gain more knowledge.


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