How to hunt Giftcode Lien Quan Mobile

How to hunt Giftcode Lien Quan Mobile

Lien Quan Mobile is currently the most popular MOBA Mobile game, and players that own the Lien Quan Mobile game will be able to receive a lot of valuable items in the game. So are there any ways to own Lien Quan Mobile Giftcode.

Arena of valor is a Mobile game with extremely attractive MOBA gameplay. When you own Lien Quan Mobile Giftcode, you will be able to receive extremely valuable items such as experience x2 cards, gold x2 or even champions and costumes.

Lien Lien Giftcode Mobile

How to get Giftcode game Lien Quan Mobile

Summary of the Code of the Arena of Fame in Spring 2019:


1. Use the Giftcode NPH Garena sent to all players.

If you are a new player and do not know about the Giftcode that Garena has given to all gamers, you can see the following summary:

– Lien Lien Mobile Giftcode for new players: DKZBZUUHAVDM.

This giftcode gives players 20 Ruby, 1 x2 experience card (4 wins), 1 x2 Gold card (4 wins).

2. Follow the Hall of Fame.

how to giftcode related mobile 2

The Arena of Fame is a professional League of Legends tournament in Vietnam, and when watching this tournament or coming to watch it directly at the gym, you will have the opportunity to receive extremely valuable codes for who came to watch the tournament.

3. Watch AWC

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AWC or Arena of Valor World Cup is the largest Mobile League tournament in the world and the most anticipated event of the year Mobile Alliance. When watching this tournament, viewers can receive random Giftcode given by BTC during the tournament.

In addition, you can follow the Fanpage of Lien Quan Mobile to be able to participate in events organized by NPH in order to receive the Giftcode of the game:

Union Fanpage Mobile

Currently Lien Quan Mobile has versions for iOS, Android and APK versions, download appropriate versions:

– Download Liên Quân Mobile for Android.
– Download Liên Liên Mobile for iPhone.
– Download Mobile Alliance version APK.
Above are ways to hunt for Lien Lien Mobile Giftcode, you can use them to be able to receive many valuable items in Lien Lien Mobile. Currently, there are many people complaining about not being able to access Lien Quan Mobile, you see How to fix error cannot access Lien Quan Mobile here.


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