How to increase or decrease the volume, increase the sound for video with Total Video Converter

How to increase or decrease the volume, increase the sound for video with Total Video Converter is considered a useful solution today, is used by many people. After downloading and installing, you follow the instructions to use Total Video Converter to increase and decrease the volume for effective video.

For those who often convert video and audio, it is impossible not to mention Total Video Converter – one of the most effective video and audio converter software today. Not only supports a variety of formats but the software also owns a relatively fast conversion speed, meeting relatively well the requirements of users. You can reduce the volume with Total Video Converter help The sound is outputted out loud and clear when there are video and music files, … sounds too small.

Increase or decrease the volume with Total Video Converter

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Total Video Converter here: Download Total Video Converter
Step 2: In the main interface of the tool, select New Task and navigate to the video file, the audio volume needs to be increased or decreased by Total Video Converter to perform the conversion task thereby increasing / decreasing the video volume as you like.

Step 3: Select the target file format to convert. Here choose MP4.

Total time converter total video converter

Step 4: choose Browse … If you want to change the location of the destination file. Then click Advanced

Total video converter

Step 5: Window Advanced click to select Settings. In the dialog box that appears, we change the parameters in the item Volume (256 is normal (100-600)) . If you want to increase the volume, we adjust the parameter higher than the default (here is 255) to a maximum of 600 or reduce the parameter below the default level (minimum is 100)
Then click OK, got it
Note: Increasing the volume as well as increasing the parameters too high can affect the quality of your sound

Total audio converter total video converter

Step 6: Here the tool wants to ask if you want to apply changes to all videos that need to be converted? YES if yes or NO if you only want to convert for only the video you choose. Then choose CONVERT NOW … and wait for a while depending on the length of the video and then enjoy the results !!!

Total time converter total video converter
For other videos you can do it the same way. For files with sound quality output not as you like you can repeat the process right on the output file itself. In addition to helping to increase or decrease video volume, you can convert videos with Total Video Converter quickly and powerful, with Convert videos with Total Video Converter, you will be able to play more videos on more phone devices. Good luck !


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