How to increase the volume of PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a game on the phone with an extremely large number of players today. With a survival shooting game like PUBG Mobile, listening to the surrounding sound is extremely important when you need to be aware of information that the naked eye cannot see. Here’s how to turn up the volume when you play PUBG Mobile.

Sound is an extremely important factor in PUBG Mobile. Besides shooting skills, listening ability is another factor to assess the level of the player shooter PUBG Mobile is good or bad. The ability to hear the sound and distinguish the direction is the factor that helps players can locate opponents, thereby being able to choose a better position and more active while fighting with them.

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How to increase the volume of PUBG Mobile

Step 1: Log in to PUBG Mobile, in the main screen interface select the settings icon in the right corner of the screen.

how to improve pubg mobile 2

Step 2: Select audio interface, adjust audio here.

how to improve pubg mobile 3

Here you will see many audio interfaces, which distinguish out:

Total volume: Sound for all in PUBG Mobile, from in-game audio to lobby music.

Phone: There will be adjusting your Microphone and Speaker in the game, or note the sound just right to be able to communicate with teammates and still be able to hear the noise in the game.
Above is how to increase PUBG Mobile volume to be able to shoot easier. You can see more How to camp PUBG Mobile here.


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