How to insert, add Clip Art in Word

How to insert, add Clip Art in Word

Insert Clip Art in Word documents to make your page more vivid and attractive. However, not everyone knows how to do this.

Currently Office 2013 and Office 2016 are no longer Clip Art, you can only insert Clip Art available from lower versions from 2010, but in Office 2013 and Office 2016 support you. Insert images online into Word, this is one of the new and useful features.

Do you know how to insert Clip Art in a Word document file? The following article will guide you how to use this feature quickly and easily.

How to insert Clip Art in Word?

For Word 2003

To insert Clip Art, place your cursor at the position you want to add and then enter the menu Insert, choose Picture, then select the item Clip Art.

insert clip art in word

Clip Art window appears, type the name of the image you need to find in the box Search for, note that you must type in English because the default files are saved in English. Then press Go to search.

You can also enter nothing and press Go, then a list of images that appear on your device will appear. Find the image to be inserted and left-click on it, the selected image will be inserted immediately at the location you choose.

In addition, when the image appears, the toolbar Picture also displays, allowing you to change brightness, color, rotation, …

For Word 2007

To insert Clip Art into your document, go to the tab Insert and select the icon Clip Art.

When the new window appears, type the keyword you want to search into the item Search for and press Go. A list of images corresponding to the keyword appears, click the image you need to add to your text. Immediately the image was inserted into the document.

You can also access the online Clip Art library to find other interesting images by clicking Clip art on Office Online at the bottom of the Clip Art window.

Inserting Clip Art is different from inserting images into Word, clip art icons are available in the word, but with images to be inserted outside, however, the steps to insert images into words are simple and not too complicated. For users, if still wondering, please refer to the article available on Taimienphi.
To present beautiful text, an essay, a professional project, in addition to images, words, spelling, standard line spacing is essential so that words and characters are not connected to each other, to stretch standard line, you do not need to know how to use Word proficiently, refer to the standard line spacing of Taimienphi will help you do this.


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