How to insert animated GIFs into PowerPoint

How to insert animated GIFs into PowerPoint

Inserting animated images and gif images into PowerPoint is similar to inserting images into PowerPoint, if you are not sure how to insert animated images into PowerPoint, please invite to learn in the following article.

Surely those of you who regularly use PowerPoint already know how to insert pictures, insert videos into PowerPoint slides. In addition, to make your presentation more vivid and unique, you can insert more Animated GIF format Also the solution you should do.

Add animations in PowerPoint

What is animation? Animations are images with activities, with text or images running or running. Usually animations are in GIF format and are usually created or downloaded on-line by users like applause animation, Firework animation, smiley animations

How to insert PowerPoint GIF animations

* Steps to prepare:

– Prepare animation to insert into Powerpoint, readers can refer Nice animations here
– Computer with Powerpoint application pre-installed for use only. This article we use PowerPoint 2010.

Step 1: You open Powerpoint, then select the slide to which you want to insert the GIF. On the menu bar you choose Insert -> select Pictures.

inserting powerpoint gif 2

Step 2: Interface appearance Insert Picture -> you choose to the folder containing GIF animation -> then select Insert.

inserting powerpoint gif 3

As a result you have Insert animated GIF into powerpoint Successfully, you can zoom in and out or move animations like normal images.

inserting powerpoint gif 4

Step 3: After you have finished editing, you press F5 or press the combination Shift + F5 to show the current slide and see the results displayed (the image below is a slide show image with a clap animation captured).

inserting powerpoint gif 5
You see, to be able insert PowerPoint GIF animations It’s simple, right! Basically, inserting GIF images in PowerPoint 2010 version works similarly when you insert pictures in PowerPoint versions of 2003, 2007, 2013 that used to guide. Hopefully, with the above instructions, you will soon and quickly insert appropriate animations in your presentations. Good luck!


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