How to insert flash into PowerPoint

How to insert flash into PowerPoint

To make the presentation more dynamic, you can add to the slideshow flash files (.swf), so how to insert these files into Powerpoint 2016? The following article will guide you in detail the steps to be able to insert flash into PowerPoint on your computer.

What is a flash file? Flash files are files with the extension swf. Currently, there are many sites on the web offering free lessons, songs, games, flash applications, which are rich sources for you to refer to and apply to your presentations and presentations. yourself.

Trick to insert flash into PowerPoint

Instructions to insert flash into PowerPoint

Inserting a flash into the presentation allows you to install supporting software, but this will be tricky for those who are less exposed to downloading and installing the software.

You absolutely do not need to install any supporting software and you can still insert Flash files into PowerPoint simply with the following steps:

Step 1: You create a folder to store Flash files and PowerPoint presentation files.

inserting flash into powerpoint 2

Step 2: Open the PowerPoint file (Open the file PowerPoint.pptx)

inserting flash into powerpoint 3

Step 3: Go to the menu Developer (1 in Control You choose the icon More Controls (2) as shown below:

inserting flash into powerpoint 4

Step 4: In More Controls -> select Shockwave Flash Object and choose OK, got it.

inserting flash into powerpoint 5

The mouse cursor will allow you to draw a rectangle on the slide to suit your flash size.

inserting flash into powerpoint 6

Step 5: Right click on the rectangle and select Properties.

inserting flash into powerpoint 7

In Properties Enter the path of the Flash file Movie, but because the Flash file you put in the folder with the PowerPoint file, you do not need to enter the full path to the Flash file, just enter the Flash file name in the section Movie. For example: Car-speakers.swf

inserting flash into powerpoint 8

Now you can preview it, if still not displayed, you need to check the path to the swf file, the file name is correct. Because it only needs one minor error, the flash file cannot be displayed.

The article shared above has just guided you How to insert flash into PowerPoint quite simple with very easy steps. Good luck!
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