How to insert images into excel, add images to Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 spreadsheets

Like Word, inserting images into excel is possible when Excel spreadsheets support image insertion. Inserting this image will help you easily illustrate your post so that viewers can understand what you convey.

Microsoft Excel is known as a spreadsheet application with numbers and letters, but Excel also allows us to insert images into excel with those data. For example, you have an Excel spreadsheet of your product that you want to send to customers. This Excel spreadsheet, in addition to the numerical and alphanumeric data, also includes a column with photos of the products you provide, which is a very simple way for you to introduce your customers to product information. The most complete and intuitive product. If in the previous article showed you how Insert pictures into Word as well as the way Insert image into PDF In this article, you will know how to insert images into Excel. Please follow along.

How to insert images into excel fastest


Step 1: Open Excel file to insert images into excel.

insert picture into excel state

Step 2: To enter Insert ->Picture

  inserting him into excel is not trivial

– Navigate to the location where the image you want to insert and click Insert

Add pictures to Excel

Step 3: After selecting it, click the surrounding line position to adjust the image size accordingly.

Add me to Excel

To enter Format to format photos

insert him in excel

add him in excel
Follow the instructions quite detailed above that you can insert images into Excel already. With this tip, you can illustrate a subject, minimize the action to be done when the image depicts the subject. Also, if using Word 2010, you refer to the way Draw a diagram in word 2010 to serve my work as well as my study


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