How to insert links into photos in Gmail

How to insert links into photos in Gmail

Send mail in Gmail you can attach any file you want including sending photos on Gmail. With the image attached, you can also add a link link so that the recipient can immediately access the website you added the link. The following article, we will help you know how to insert links into images in Gmail with the operation is quite simple.

So you can Insert link into image in Gmail then basically the operations you perform are quite similar to yours create a signature on Gmail.

Manipulating add links to photos in Gmail

If you already know how Insert image into gmail then the article below, we will guide how to insert links into images in gmail.

How to insert links into photos in Gmail

To clarify how, readers can follow these steps:

Step 1: After logging in to Gmail, click the button Compose as usual:

How to insert a link in gmail 2

Next, click on the image icon as described in the image below:

how to insert link in gmail 3

Step 2: At the image insertion interface for email, you will find there are 4 different image search options for you to choose from. Part Image These are all photos that you have uploaded to Google Photos.

how to insert link in gmail 4

If you want to use an image on your computer -> then click on the item Upload -> next, you click to enter Select photos to upload Or you can use the mouse to drag the image into the interface

how to insert link in gmail 5

If you want to download images available on certain websites -> click on them Web address (URL) -> then wait for the image to display -> then press the button Insert to display images in Gmail.

how to insert link in gmail 6

Step 3: After you successfully insert, the image will display in the email compose frame (the picture below is we insert the logo of -> you can edit the size to shrink or drag to make the size bigger OK. To adjust, click on the image and then adjust the blue frame and then zoom, zoom out as you like.

How to insert a link in gmail 7

If you want to return to the original image size -> click on it Original size.

how to insert link in gmail 8

Step 4: To insert a link in the image -> highlight the image -> and then click on the icon Insert Link at the bottom of the email creation interface.

How to insert a link in gmail 9

Frame link insert interface appears. You notice in the displayed content will display the format of the image -> if you do not see then you need to blacken the image.

Next, you enter the website address link in the bar Web address -> then press select OK, got it to add a link to the image.

How to insert links to me in gmail 10

As a result, the web link has been successfully inserted into the image. To change the image link, click Change, if you want to delete the link inserted in the image then click the button Erase is to be.

How to insert a link in gmail 11
With the four steps in this article, you should be able insert link into image in Gmail Success. You can insert images from your computer or you can get different image sources if you want to follow the instructions in Step 2. When you successfully insert and send the email, the person who receives the email when clicking on the image will automatically be linked to the website address you have inserted the link link. Good luck!


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