How to insert Text Box in Word

In Word, to highlight a piece of text, we often create a Text box and insert text into it, so how to insert a Text box in Word? Let’s go to to find a solution.

Inserting a Text box in a Word document is quite useful as it makes it easier for the reader to visualize or attract more attention to the content of the text. It can also easily move text in your document similar to previous WordArt or group related text boxes together quickly. In addition to editing the content inside, you can also customize the color design and background for the Text Box according to your wishes. So how to use and use the Text Box like? Invite readers to refer to the article instructing to insert Text box in the following Word document

How to use text box, insert Text Box in Word documents 2010, 2007, 2013, 2003

Instructions to insert Text box in Word documents

Note: When using this feature often appears a rectangular frame (Drawing Canvas) very annoyed. Therefore, it is necessary to disable it first, to comfortably use drawing tools such as the Text box.

1. For Word 2013, 2016, 2019
2. For Word 2010
3. For Word 2003
4. For Word 2007

1. How to use text box in Word 2013, 2016, 2019

Although the new version of Microsoft Word 2019 has recently been launched, the Textbox insertion feature is no different from Word 2013 and 2016, you can do the same.

Step 1: On the Ribbon toolbar, click on the tab Insert and click Text Box in the Text command group

How to insert text box in word panel

Step 2: A drop down menu and you can choose to make with the available Text Box templates. Immediately the template you selected will appear on the Word screen and your next is to insert the content you want to insert into the Text box accordingly.

Insert text box in the text box

However, if your content does not satisfy the existing templates, you click on the item Draw Text Box to design for your own the most satisfactory model.

Step 3: Click, hold and drag to create a text box.

How to correct text box in van ban?

Step 4: The insertion point appears inside the Text box and you can enter it to create text in the text box.

Using the text box, insert the text box in the text box

Step 5: If you want, you can double-click on the text and then change the font, color, and size using the toolbar commands that appear.

How to insert text box in word 2019

Step 6: Finally, click anywhere outside the text box to return to your text.

2. How to insert text box in Word 2010 (Download and install Word 2010)

First you need to open the Word file to insert Text Box, switch to the tab Insert and choose TextBox.

Using text box, insert text box

After you select the Text Box, a dialog box will be displayed, you can choose the type of Text Box has been formatted as Simple Text Box, Alphabet Quote, Alphabet Sidebar … If there is no available format of Word matches the work content that you are using, you can choose Draw Text Box to create custom shape dang box. Here, draws a rectangle using the Simple Text Box:

How to use text box in word 2010?

(Continue …)

3. How to insert a textbox in Word 2003 (Download and install Office 2003)

To disable the framing feature you go to Tools choose Options.

insert text box in word, use text box

When the Options window appears, select the tab General then unmark the previous line Automatically Create Drawing Canvas When Inserting AutoShapes and click OK to confirm.

Now, to insert a text box we just need to select its icon in the Drawing bar (show this bar if not already View / Toolbars / Drawing) and proceed to draw then fill in the content.

guide to insert textbox in your text box

To format a text box, select it and right click Format Text Box

How to create a textbox in the word processor?

At that window Format Text Box appear

add the textbox to the word panel

At the window Format Text Box You can choose the color, display style, … for the text box according to your purpose. Click OK to finish.

4. How to insert a textbox in Word 2007 (Download and install Word 2007)

To disable the frame feature, you click on Office Button in the upper left corner and select Word Options. Go ahead, select the card Advanced in the left pane. In the region Editing Options, uncheck the option first Automatically Create Drawing Canvas When Inserting AutoShapes and press OK, got it

insert text box in word 2007

To insert a text box, go to the menu Insert choose Textbox, then select the Draw Text Box tool as shown below.

insert text box in word

To format the text box, click it and then go to the Format tab, click the small triangle next to the Shape Outline icon and choose the required parameters.

insert text box in word
Above we have guide you How to use the Text box, insert Tex tbox into word documents, this way you can create charts, diagrams, etc. on the page easily. In addition, with the default mode of Word, when you insert a Text box, a border around the Text box will appear and this border may not be necessary for your needs. To delete the border around the Text box in Word, readers can follow the instructions in the article Delete the border around the Text box in Word that we have shared before.


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