How to insert text into an image in Photoshop?

Learning how to insert text into photos in Photoshop is essential so you can add words on greeting cards, invitations or on ordinary photos easily without having to rely on others. You can write on the image using the online tool that instructions below.

Currently, to write text on images, you can use the online tools available online to write text on the images online, but if you want to do it by software, then Photoshop will be the best choice for you. With just a few taps in Photoshop, you can insert any text to your photos as you like. Let’s follow the procedure to insert text into photos in Photoshop below to know how to do this.

How to insert text into an image in Photoshop?

Insert text into photos in Photoshop, write text on Photos in Adobe Photoshop

To insert text into images in Photoshop you need to install and use CS, proceed to download and install the latest version of Photoshop

Step 1: First, open the image in Photoshop (File / Open) and select the tool Horizontal Type Tool (T) to type the text you want to insert into the image.

inserted into him in photoshop


– Horizontal Type Tool: Horizontal script

– Vertical Type Tool: Vertical script

Left click on the position to add text on pictures and start typing.

inserted into him in photoshop

Step 2: Then, you make a selection:

– Font

Currently, there are many beautiful Vietnamese fonts to help users have more options to beautify their photos, including the beautiful font sets such as: Vietnamese Chemistry Font good Font UTM

– Text size

– Text color

Add notes to me in photoshop

Step 3: To make the text look better, you can create a white rectangle below the text and let Opacity by 5%. Besides, change the style of the words Betdownload words Nomal Fort Overlay.

write in you in photoshop

The result is as follows:

inserted into him in photoshop

With just a few simple steps, you can insert text into images in Photoshop. Hopefully this little trick will help you. In addition, you can easily write calligraphy in photoshop on your photos, refer to how to write calligraphy in Photoshop if you are interested.

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