How to insert traces in Word 2016

You are doing the survey, evaluation and want to insert bookmarks in Word 2016 to serve the work, there are many ways for you to add bookmarks in Word quickly, please see the following tips to refer.

In this article, I will show you some ways to insert traces on Word 2016.


Method 1: Use Symbol to insert tick marks

This is a fairly common way that you can use to insert ticks. You follow these steps:

Step 1: You open the Word file and choose where to insert the tick mark. Then go to tab Insert -> select Symbol -> and then continue More Symbols.

how to tick tick word 2016 2

Step 2: Interface appearance Symbol, in tab Symbols you choose Font was Wingdings 2, then find and select the tick icon and then select Insert.

how to tick tick word 2016 3

If you want to insert a checkbox, for example, you can select the checkbox icon with an optional x or mark. The result after you choose to insert checkboxes into words will look like the image below:

how to tick tick word 2016 4

Method 2: Use Font Wingdings 2 on the toolbar

In this way, you won’t go to Symbol in the first way to find Font Wingdings 2 but follow other steps as follows:

Step 1: You choose where to insert the tick mark in Word. Then go to tab Home, part Font You choose the font Wingdings 2.

how to tick tick word 2016 5

Step 2: Finally, you enter the capital P by pressing the key combination Shift + p will appear the tick you want to insert as shown below:

how to tick tick word 2016 6

Method 3: Insert tick by image

This way you will insert with a “tick” image through searching and downloading on the Internet.

Step 1: You can search with keywords “checkmark” or “checkmark icon” on Google images.

how to tick tick word 2016 7

Step 2: Google will provide a series of results about the image of the tick, the remaining task is to select then right-click the image of the tick you want to use and select. Copy image.

how to tick tick word 2016 8

Step 3: You paste (Ctrl + V) into Word where you selected the insertion location will be successful. You note to resize the image file to fit your Word document offline.

how to tick tick word 2016 9

You see, 3 ways you can insert tick marks into Word is simple, right? You depending on the case, specific work and choose for themselves the most suitable way to insert. Also you can see more ways tick the text in different versions of Word that has introduced.
Good luck.


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