How to install a standard computer screen

After installing Win, installing a standard computer screen is also an important step that computer users must pay attention. So, what does it mean to call a standard computer monitor setup? The following article will show you how to set up a standard computer monitor.

Install a standard computer screen Will help resolution and color standard before using. This step is often overlooked but not everyone knows its importance. Especially for those who change the computer screen, change the image on the Desktop, the installation of a standard computer screen is extremely necessary. Assuming that when you change your computer screen, if you want your desktop to be more beautiful, the resolution factor will largely determine this.

And not only the resolution, but even the color, brightness, contrast or desktop icons play a big part in it. Therefore, setting up a standard computer screen will help you optimize with all the above steps in the most standard order that you should do, whether your computer is using or has just been reinstalled on Windows. Standard PCs are always needed.

Instructions for installing a standard computer screen

1. Change the resolution – Screen Resolution.

Screen Resolution – Resolution is the first factor that we need to set when setting up the standard computer monitor. With a standard definition screen that will display the sharpest image, how to change the computer screen resolution below

Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and select the item Display Settings

Note: On Windows 7 you choose Properties and go to section Resolution.

how to set up computer monitor 2

Step 2: Here you will see an item is Resolution, click on it to change the resolution.

How to set up the computer screen 3

Step 3: There are many resolutions here, but not all are standard with your computer screen, the operating system also suggests to you by choosing a character resolution. Recommended behind. As in this article we choose Choose a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Full HD popular today.

How to set up the computer monitor 4

Of course you can still try other resolutions if you want, we can choose Select Revert to return to default or Wait for 15 seconds If that resolution does not support your screen.

How to set up your computer screen 5

2. Adjust the screen brightness – Screen Brightness.

Screen Brightness is to adjust the screen brightness of the computer, this problem is quite a lot of concerns because the maximum default brightness is not everyone feels satisfied because for some it is too bright. When installing a standard computer screen, this is the second criterion you need to do after adjusting the resolution.

For some computers and laptops running Windows 10 we can adjust the battery icon with 4 brightness levels given.

How to set up your computer screen 6

Or in feces Display Settings At the beginning, you are allowed to change the brightness 0% to 100%. There is also a Night light mode that helps you protect your eyes from white light and instead has a yellow color so that the eyes are softer.

Note is 0% brightness on dark screens, not black.

how to set up computer monitor 7

For laptops running Windows 7, for example, we can go to the section Edit Power Plan by searching Power Plan in Start Menu.

How to set up your computer screen 8

Here you can adjust the brightness mode when plugged in or when running on laptop battery.

how to set up computer monitor 9

3. Adjust the contrast – Calibrate color.

Calibrate color is the part that allows us to set colors, adjust colors on the computer screen, to access Calibrate color we do the following:

Step 1: Open Start Menu up Type calibrate and access Calibrate Display color.

how to set up computer monitor 10

Step 2: A welcome screen with basic information about the section Calibrate color, however we do not need to care that press next to continue.

How to set up the computer monitor 11

Step 3: The first is to allow us to adjust the brightness and darkness of the color, you can customize it so that the color suits your eyes best.

How to set the computer monitor 12

Step 4: Next is to learn about color and brightness, this is just an understanding, not a set, so you have the right to press Skip or next to continue watching.

How to set up the computer monitor 13

Step 5: The next step is to adjust the balance of screen colors with 3 primary colors RGB (Red – Green – Blue).

How to set the computer monitor 14

When you are satisfied with the calibration results, you just need to click finishIf not, click Previos Calibration to reset from scratch or select Current calibration for basic setup according to the computer.

How to set the computer monitor 15

Step 6: The last part is ClearType Text Tuner, where font sharpness is set, your task is to identify the clearest font size.

how to set up computer monitor 16

You will have to check total 5 times With many different font sizes to recognize the clear font size, this is also a way to help the eyes recognize how the text on the computer.

how to set the computer monitor 17

Once done we just need to click finish is done.

how to set the computer monitor 18

4. Adjust the icon on the screen – iCon Desktop.

Setting the icons on the computer screen is not difficult, its features are also quite simple and you can set it yourself if you know the following steps:

Right-click on the desktop and first View options, here you will see the following:

Large icons: Set display icon to.

Medium icons: Set average icon display, default on the computer.

Small icons: Set display size small icon.

Auto Arrange icons: Automatically stretch icons on desktop.

Align icons to Grid: Automatically arrange icons on the desktop.

Show desktop icons: Display icons on the screen.

How to set the computer monitor 19

As shown below, the screen with icons is set to Medium.

How to set the computer monitor 20

And this is the screen with Large icons.

How to set the computer monitor 21

With all the steps above, you have installed the most standard computer screen before using your computer, laptop. The installation of standard computer monitor settings in the article only applies to computers and laptops in the article and as it depends on your computer, laptop as well as your perception to set up as most reasonable.
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