How to install Advanced Uninstaller Pro to uninstall applications on computers and PCs

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a tool that helps you remove applications installed on your computer without leaving any trace. This article was drafted by, which will guide you how to install Advanced Uninstaller Pro to use effectively on your computer.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is a useful tool designed to help you uninstall applications on your computer, including even the most stubborn applications such as anti-virus software, large-capacity software and complex configurations. In addition, this utility also has the ability to remove redundant data and fix hardware errors in the computer.

Why is Advanced Uninstaller Pro chosen by so many people?

– Completely remove applications installed on the computer, leaving no fragmentation on the drive like the Add / Remove Programs tool available on Windows.

– Search and remove duplicate files, shortcuts and unnecessary hidden folders …

– Protect personal information during surfing by erasing your browsing history, temporary Internet files, cookies, caches, etc.

– Backup and restore errors in the Windows Registry.

– Optimize system performance and free up space in the hard drive.

System requirements

– Install Advanced Uninstaller Pro on most computers using all versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista / 7/8 (32 bit and 64 bit).

– Computer uses RAM + 128MB.

Instructions on how to install Advanced Uninstaller Pro uninstall applications on computers and PCs

Step 1: Open the folder containing the setup file of Advanced Uninstaller Pro named advanced-uninstaller-pro.exe, or if your computer doesn’t have one, you can download the latest version of the software here: Download Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Step 2: Choose next to continue the installation process either Cancel If you do not want to install Advanced Uninstaller Pro.

Install Advanced Uninstaller Pro on the pc

Step 3: A displayed message includes the terms set by the manufacturer that requires you to agree to be allowed to continue the installation. Choose I accept the agreement to agree to these terms.

Click next

Uninstall Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Step 4: The manufacturer allows you to freely choose the folder to store the installation file of Advanced Uninstaller Pro, change the path by clicking the Browser to choose the default folder or use provided, on the drive C:

Click Next.

How to install Advanced Uninstaller Pro on windows

Step 5: Check the box “Create a desktop icon“if you want to put the icon of the utility on the Desktop or simply place the icon in the taskbar by selecting” Pin Advanced Uninstaller Pro to taskbar “. Select one or both options.

Click next to continue

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is easy to use

Step 6: The installation process of Advanced Uninstaller Pro is quick, only takes a few seconds.

through Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Step 7: A window informing the installation of Advanced Uninstaller Pro was successful, you can use this utility immediately by selecting ” Lauch Advanced Uninstaller Pro “.

Click finish to close the window.

How to install Advanced Uninstaller Pro

The interface of Advanced Uninstaller Pro after installation is complete.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro interface
Advanced Uninstaller Pro will bring you the best features that not all software has the same functionality. Hopefully, the above article will be helpful for those who still do not know how to install Advanced Uninstaller Pro so effectively.


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