How to install and use Botlive, Sales Bot

How to install and use Botlive, Sales Bot

BotLive is a multi-channel sales livestream platform on mobile phones, helping you to live multiple channels on the same device, simplifying the process of responding to customer comments, creating and managing orders. If you are interested in BotLive, want to learn more information about features, how to install and use BotLive to increase orders in livestream, this article will help you, let’s find out!

Botlive (nice Sales bot) is a multi-channel sales livestream application designed by Chatbot Vietnam Joint Stock Company (website Integrating many features in just one platform, Botlive helps you attract, increase live viewer interaction and improve sales of your livestream sales.

Below is detailed information about Botlive, its features as well as how to install and use detailed Botlive edited by, invite readers to consult and learn.

What is Botlive? Features, how to install and how to use Botlive in detail.

1. What is Botlive?.
2. Botlive Features.
3. Botlive selling price.
4. How to download and install Botlive.
5. How to use Botlive.

1. What is Botlive?

Botlive is an effective mobile sales livestream application, helping sellers and advertisers in Vietnam launch and manage live programs on multiple sales channels in a simple and easy way.

Using BotLive, you do not need to use a computer or too many devices to livestream, but only use a single phone. Currently, the application is being provided for Iphone/Android phones with a capacity of 56MB, the latest updated version is 2.0

Not only designed specifically for professional Streamers, Botlive is also suitable for many different sales livestream audiences, including farmers, office workers, who want to sell through direct interaction. but without much expense and tech savvy.

What is botlive

What is botlive app? Learn about Sales Bot

2. Features of Botlive

With the support of automatic beauty utilities, support for managing comments, interacting with customers, placing orders, automatic shipping, …, your live sales also become professional. more, minimizing limitations when selling live on individual channels.
– Allows streaming on many different channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, E-commerce floors such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, …) with just 1 touch.
– Use 1 live device directly instead of using multiple phone devices or using complicated livestream installers on computers.
– Equipped with face graphics with many magical beauty effects and behind-the-scenes overlays, making you beautiful to confidently livestream in any environment.
– Manage customer comments, display questions, newly created orders on the screen in real time.
– Provide hot mini games, help you increase interaction, attract and stimulate the order of customers.
– Direct link with delivery units nationwide, self-create, order and support sellers to ship orders to customers.

3. Botlive selling price

Botlive is currently offered in 2 free and paid versions. With the free version, users can only experience multi-channel livestream on a single stream with videos containing Botlive’s logo and free live features.

With the paid version of the 2000 minute live package (priced at 649,000 VND), the 8000 minute live package (priced at 2,199,000 VND) and the 30,000 minute Live package (priced at 5,799,000 VND), you can experience all the features. live from basic to advanced that this platform has to offer.

4. How to download and install Botlive.

Botlive is available for you to download for Android phones, Iphone. However, to be able to download, you need to make sure your phone uses Android 5.0 or higher operating system and has a drive space > 59MB:
– Download link Botlive for Android
– Download link Botlive for iPhone

After accessing the Botlive download link for the respective operating systems, click “install” and wait a few minutes for the device to proceed with the installation of Botlive on your phone. After the installation is complete, press “open”, press the slider to allow Botlive to access the camera, access the microphone on the phone and experience the basic features of this application.

Tai Botlive

5. How to use Botlive livestream sales.

Here are the details on how to log in, tips on using the free sales Bot, invite you to read, follow, and learn.

5.1. How to login Botlive, Sales Bot

Currently, Botlive only allows users to log in and create Botlive accounts via Facebook. To log in, you need to follow these instructions:

Step 1: Access the Botlive application from your phone, press “login with Facebook“.
Step 2: At the login interface with Facebook, the screen displays a message that Botlive requires access to your name, avatar, email address and video, to continue, click “”continue under the Facebook name ABC.” (where ABC is your personal Facebook name).

Note: Facebook’s default is to play live in friend mode. If you want to go live on Facebook from the Botlive app with a lot of viewers, you need to make it “public”

How to login to Botlive

Step 3: In the “advanced permissions” interface, you choose the content that you allow Botlive to access on Facebook from your personal Botlive account and then click “continue”
Step 4: Login to Botlive from Facebook successfully, the screen displays a message so that the livestream process on Botlive is not affected, press “agree” to start my livestream projects.

Set up Botlive

5.2. How to livestream with Botlive

At the main interface of Botlive, press “start live” in the middle and start my Facebook livestream.
However, to make the live process perfect, before going live, at the live screen interface, you can install live by the following operations:
– Click on the pen-shaped icon in the right corner of the screen to choose beauty effects, face correction, color filters.

How to use Botlive

– Click on the product icon to select or set up the information of the livestream product

How to install Bot you hang

– Click on the box “tap to add a live description” to add a description, caption for my livestream
– Swipe the screen to the left, click on the circle box or the sign (+) to select the decorative image, text, chat frame you want to insert into the livestream. In addition, you can also choose to use more mini game features, livestream display settings in this option.

How to use Botlive livestream you hang

– Swipe the screen to the right to set the video playback mode, including: embedding links, uploading videos or reviewing played videos in your live list.

How to Livestream Botlive Elephant Cave

– Click on personal avatar in the top right corner of the screen to manage account information, including: update account balance, upgrade premium account, view live campaigns created on Botlive, number Orders created, increase livestream eyes (increase the number of people watching livestream on Botlive).

Set up the Botlive app

– How to add a live stream on Botlive: From the live screen, click “personal avatar” with a live icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Next, click “add” to add to your Instagram and Youtube accounts.

Botlive app
Thus, has shared with you an overview of Botlive information, features, how to install Botlive and how to use Botlive free version. Hope this information is useful to you, helping you know more about Botlive and find the most effective sales channel and tool for you.


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