How to install and use IOBit Smart Defrag defragments the hard drive

IOBit Smart Defrag is the optimal software, defragment hard drives. It helps your computer work more stable and smoothly, IOBit Smart Defrag will analyze your drive, check the defrag level, then start scanning and arranging files and files on the right position. .

To use IOBit Smart Defrag defrag the computer hard drive, you need to know how to install this software properly. The following article, will guide you how to install and use IOBit Smart Defrag defragment the hard drive on the computer.

Instructions on how to install IOBit Smart Defrag on the computer

What is the benefit of installing IOBit Smart Defrag?

– Defragment the computer hard drive with high speed and efficiency
– Ensure all data on the drive is absolutely safe, set a schedule to automatically defragment periodically

System requirements:

– You can install IOBit Smart Defrag on computers using all Windows operating systems

Step 1: Download IOBit Smart Defrag to the computer. You can download the latest version of IOBit Smart Defrag

Step 2: The program installation interface appears, here, you click next

Step 3: Next press Accept

Step 4: If you do not want to install toolbars, click the checkmark Customs Install, and uncheck the options install Iobit apps toolbar…. As shown below then click Install

Step 5: Next, at this step, if you want to change the installation directory you click Browse , it’s best to leave it as default and press next

Step 6: Leave the default and press next

The program is being installed on the machine

Press finish after installation is complete

And this is the program interface after installation is complete

Instructions for using IOBit Smart Defrag defrag

To prevent fragmentation for 1 hard drive partition, you tick the hard drive you want to defragment in the Volume (first) then press Analyze(2) to analyze the hard drive, after analysis is complete you click Defrag(3) for defragmentation to start
Above, we have shown you how to install IOBit Smart Defrag defragment computer hard drive, now you can use the program to optimize defragment the hard drive for your computer, or try and feel Get the speed of your computer after defragmentation. If not satisfied you can use 1 in Top 5 best hard drive defrag software Available in


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