How to install Avira, anti-virus software for computers and laptops

How to install Avira, anti-virus software for computers and laptops

Install AviraFree Antivirus, antivirus software on your computer is one of the safest solutions and data protection on your device, detailed the steps to perform to invite you to see in the content below.

Like many other professional antivirus software, Avira Free AntiVirus detects and removes threats affecting computer systems such as Virus, Spyware, Trojan, Rootkit. Install Avira Free AntiVirus, anti-virus software to help Your computer is always protected and improve the performance of the system.

How to install Avira, install Avira Free Antivirus 2020, antivirus software for computers, Laptops

What to install Avira Free AntiVirus? – Protect computers during accessing websites on the Internet. – Detect Viruses in abnormal Emails sent from unwanted addresses. – Detect the latest Virus on the market. – Detecting and removing applications “hiding” under cover as harmless software.

System requirements – Install Avira Free AntiVirus suitable for versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions). – Computer uses 512MB RAM if it is Windows XP or RAM 1024MB if it is Windows Vista / Windows 7.

How to install Avira Free Antivirus on Laptop, PC (New version)

First, you need to download the installer of Avira Free AntiVirus software with the features, data updated with the most complete details. Quick download links are shared right here.
– Download Avira Free AntiVirus: Download Avira
After the installer has finished downloading, follow these steps.

Step 1:Right mouse click Go to the Avira Free AntiVirus installation file and select Open.

Install free antivirus on computer 1

Step 2: In the notification window that appears, choose Run.

Install free antivirus on computer 2

Step 3: At the welcome screen, click the button Accept and Install.

Install free antivirus on computer 3

Step 4: Next, Avira gives users two installation options.
Express: Normal installation mode, recommended to use.
Custom: User option setting mode.
In this example, Taimienphi chooses Express, then press next.

Install free antivirus on computer 4

Step 5: At the next screen, you choose Install Avira Free Antivirus then press next to the next step.

Install free antivirus on computer 5

Step 6: Enter your personal information in the fields. Once completed, click next.
Note: These items have tick * is required.

Install free antivirus on computer 6

You wait a few minutes for the system to automatically install. Once finished, open Avira Free Antivirus software on the computer with the interface will be similar to the illustration below.

Install free antivirus on computer 7

Install free antivirus on computer 8

How to install Avira, set up Avira antivirus on Laptop, PC (Old version)

Users should download the final version of Avira to get support for the latest features here: Download Avira

The installation process takes place in turn in the following order:

Step 1: Open the downloaded and named Avira Free AntiVirus installation file avira-fre-antivirus.exe. A notification window displays the software name along with the path to the directory where the installation file is stored. Choose Run to continue. Setup avira

Step 2: Wait for the program to load for a while, you will come across a wizard with three main options: like Modify, Repair / update, remove.– Modify: Select some components within the program to add or remove all existing components.

– Repair / Update : Install Avira Free AntiVirus new version or repair an existing installation. Click Next.

– Remove: If you want to remove the installation of Avira Free AntiVirus is available on the computer.

Selection Modify If your computer does not have the utility installed. Install avira free antivirus

Click next to continue

Phan mem avira diet virus

Step 3: Installation of Avira Free AntiVirus takes a few seconds. Install avira free antivirus

Software manuals After the installation process finishes, the program will have the interface as shown below. Install avira on PC

To use Avira Free AntiVirus to protect your computer absolutely, on the toolbar select Extra -> Configurationsstart with the computer during the real time

At this window, in section PC Protection -> select the item Real – Time Protection -> Report. On the right, select Extended in the section Logging -> Apply -> OK

Avira Free AntiVirus

From now on, every time a computer appears to have threats such as: Virus, Trojan, Worm, Spyware or Rootkit, … Avira Free Antivirus will automatically display a notification so that you can take the earliest measures to protect your computer. count. Above is the article “Instructions on how to install Avira Free AntiVirus”, this article will guide those who want to install this utility to safely protect their computer system to eliminate the dangers affecting. Computer from different ways.
In addition to Avira, there are many other effective anti-virus software such as Avast Free or AVG Free. In particular, Avast provides many features to prevent the invasion of viruses and spyware, to help protect the computer better, improve the performance of the computer. If Avira has not satisfied you, you should refer to the way remove viruses with Avast Free Antivirus that has instructed to best protect the data for your computer


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