How to install Bandicam, the computer screen recording software

Bandicam is the best computer screen recording software available today. With images, manipulations, video games on the computer fast and sharp. would like to introduce how to install and download Bandicam, follow the article below.

Along with OBS, Bandicam is software record screen video Today’s top computer. Bandicam software allows users to record computer screens, record games, rotate application tips easily. Bandicam’s image quality, resolution and file format options are also very professional. If you want to record a computer screen, you should install Bandicam immediately.

Instructions to install Bandicam, turn the computer screen

How to install Bandicam, turn the computer screen

Step 1: You can download the latest version here: Download Bandicam.
Step 2: Once the download is complete, open the folder containing Bandicam and right-click and choose Run as Administrastor to run Setup file.

how to set bandicam to turn on the computer screen

Step 3: Choose the language Vietnamese, press OK, got it

how to bandicam

Step 4: Press Next (Forward) to install Bandicam.

How to set bandicam to turn on computer screen

Press I agree with the terms of Bandicam.

How to set bandicam to turn on the best computer screen

Select the features you want to install in Bandicam. Display Bandicam on computer screen Destop. Press Up.

how to install bandicam, screen recorder software

Step 5: Select the folder containing Bandicam on the computer. The default will be drive C. Then press Setting.

how to set bandicam to turn on the computer screen

Bandicam installation operation, computer screen recording will quickly take place. After installing Bandicam, press Finish.

How to set and stop the bandicam screen

And Bandicam will be opened right on the computer. You can immediately use Bandicam to record your computer screen.

how to set bandicam to turn on the computer screen

Bandicam software is an essential tool on everyone’s computer. please install Bandicam screen computer immediately with our tips.

If you do not know how to use Bandicam, please refer to the articles of Specifically, how to record video games with Bandicam helps you create video games that you play. If you are a game master, please Shoot video games with Bandicam and post on Facebook, Youtube. Maybe you’ll become famous for the video games shot with Bandicam.

As mentioned above, in addition to Bandicam, OBS Studio is also a software that supports high-quality screen recording, not only that, OBS also helps you stream games, videos to social networks such as Facebook, Youtube currently. now on. Depending on your needs, use the best software for you.


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